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I was doing my usual web surfing on Akina and chanced upon this "new" fact on the singles 「ミ・アモーレ〔Meu amor e…〕」 and 「赤い鳥逃げた」. This is from Wikipaedia:

  • 元々は、このメロディに対して最初に完成していた詞は「赤い鳥逃げた」だった。完成度の高さは認めるものの松岡直也が用意していたラテン系サウンドに対してシングルとしてはインパクトが欠けるということで新たに書き直した詞が、「ミ・アモーレ〔Meu amor e…〕」だった。このままボツになろうとしていた時に当時ブームだった12インチシングルとリミックスをリリースしようという話になり「赤い鳥逃げた」の詞を採用したという。

    When the song was first completed, the original lyrics was 「赤い鳥逃げた」. However, the composer, Naoya Matsuoka thought that the lyrics lacked impact vis-a-vis the Latin sound, and hence new lyrics were written, leading to the birth of 「ミ・アモーレ〔Meu amor e…〕」. When it was decided that a 12 inch single would be released, they decided to use the original "version" of the song.

    ザ・ベストテンで、4週ランクインの最高位6位を記録したが、唯一出演を辞退したシングル。理由は「シングルのジャケットに写っている姿でないと曲のイメージと合わず、歌番組では歌えないから」。また、「ミ・アモーレ〔Meu amor e…〕」も同時にランクインしており、こちらを優先する形となった。

    It was also the only time that a singer refused to perform a charted song on "The Best 10", where it reached No. 6 and stayed on the charts for 4 weeks. From what I can interpret, I believe the reason is because the single jacket does not match the image of the song/tune. Maybe someone can translate this better.

    Isn’t it wonderful that we can still discover new secrets? Didn’t Naoya Matsuoka have foresight. It is useless to compare now, but I wonder if it was released in a reverse order, would we still like 「ミ・アモーレ〔Meu amor e…〕」 more? For me, I think I will because I love the 「アモーレー」 x 3 at the very end of the song, that Akina always delivers so well live.


    Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

    6 thoughts on “Interesting Fact – Did You Know …

    1. Hi Jamez,

      On this part "理由は「シングルのジャケットに写っている姿でないと曲のイメージと合わず、歌番組では歌えないから」" :

      my interpretation would be that for "It was difficult to create a dress/image that could fit the image that protrayed on Akaitori Nigeta 12nich cover, for performing on TV program. As such, it was not performed on TV."

      However, this song was only performed on TV once, during Solitude promotion period on Let’s Go Young, in the format a medley of "Akaitori Nigeta — Meu Amore"

      Thanks for this tibit, Jamez!

    2. Thank you very much for the information.

      Although I love Akina and be her fan for 20 years, I’m still missing many her fact and news in the past. That’s because it was not easy to get her news in Thailand where I grew up. I used to only go to Japanese restaurant and look at her picture in the magazine but I could not understand what it said.

    3. Thanks for the info, James. I have to say that I actually don’t like the way the lyrics sound on 「赤い鳥逃げた」. Her vocals also sound more sultry and moody on ミ・アモーレ.

    4. You are all most welcome. Thanks Ranbi, that shows that your Japanese lessons have been most useful.

      I loved this fact too and I agree with Jerry. Somehow the lyrics "…鳥逃げた Fly Away" doesn’t work for me. It always sounds like she is trying to squeeze too many words in that line.

      Other interesting tidbits:

      「BILITIS」was actually the A side single and 「I Missed "The Shock"」, but Akina reversed it. Another questionable choice because 「BILITIS」is much stronger and 「Destination」scored 9 out of 10 in a recent issue of Music Review Magazine. An incredible feat, I must say!

    5. I am glad that Matsuoka insisted on the more Samba-Latin approach of the lyrics. I have listened to "Akai tori" in Akina’s Bitter Sweet Concert, somehow I felt the song with that lyrics seemed out of place.

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