Just For Tonight

i didn’t know she released an English album AREA62 in 2002! how could i miss that! i want!!! Jamez, you have? what a rip off of Kylie’s “On A Night Like This”!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

14 thoughts on “Just For Tonight

  1. Sorry Danny, I think the guy in the video totally steals her thunder. I think the album flopped badly – even in Japan – and found its way in the bragain bin pretty soon afterwards.

  2. Haha. A rather desperate looking PV in my opinion. But I got to admit that I’m surprised that I can actually understand what she’s saying. And she seems to be even able to communicate in English? Now I want to hear how well Akina does nowadays hehe. Hope she’s gotten better since the ’87 days. Seiko kinda sounds like Britney Spears in those background voices lol.

  3. Ha Ha! I agree with MG. She is such a "pioneer" in artistes looking like strippers on video. The man totally outshines her and I had always known that her English is quite good, by Japanese standards.

    The irony is her saying about Madonna that "She is always changing. That is so important to us artistes". For someone who stuck to her image for 27 years now, it is somewhat hypocritical.

    Dani, I knew that she released this album when I met my Japanese friend 4 years ago. His boss is a 大聖子ファン but we were laughing about how the album jacket looks so R n B but the songs are such a rip off Kylie’s pop albums. Now, I finally listened to this and it is so true!

  4. Let’s not use VAMP as Seiko’s basher.

    I must say that I used to like her until Akina’s incident.

    I just watch her english interview now and I’m impressed. I think her english is really good. Her accent in this interview is difinitely better than Toshihiko Tahara and Miwa Yoshida.

  5. Does Toshi speak English? God …

    Patrick, Dani and I still love Seiko. Even after the incident. At one point, I had more Seiko albums than Akina but then again, she did release more albums and best collections, which I kept buying because the Japanese in me says that I have to own everything.

    I still lurve her old stuff. Not so much the new because they all sound so similar now. Hopefully, her return to Sun Music will expose her to better music.

    Only Ranbi hates her with a vengeance, but he is smart enough not to reply to all these comments. Ha! Ha!

  6. I do tip my hat to Seiko. Very impressed with her English. Not so much with her music or style though. If I want to listen to Western pop, I can always listen to the real stuff. Why go for a Japanese copycat?

    People might argue by saying the same to Akina’s "Cross My Palm." 1) That’s in the 80’s and she was pioneering. 2) Akina’s soulful voice and tasteful presentation is incomparable. 3) There was some very original music arrangement in there.

    Hee hee… Akina can do no wrong… NO WRONG, I say!

  7. o really? i never had a chance to listen to the works in akina’s english album. was it ever re-released like some other japanese stuff?

  8. Ray – Cross My Palm was released worldwide. It’s release in US as well. Many people don’t like it.

    Personally, I like it. To listen to it now, it’s a little date like many album from 80’s. However, it has that 80’s charm for me.

  9. thanks patrick. now i really am thinkin if i should buy the akina box. i never own any akina albums from the 80s and havent really thought if i should buy any of those. i just think i did not actually ‘grow’ with the songs like some of you did, and am kinda worried if i wouldnt be really attracted to those ’80s’ sounds. i mean i do like 80s music as well, but only those for which i felt very passionate then. just sharing anyway 🙂

  10. Hi Ray – My recommendation is that IF YOU CAN AFFORD it without taking away from using it in other important stuffs, I highly recommend to get all of her album.

    You can really hear the innocent of her voice and great quality from the beginning. Akina does have many many fantastic songs from the beginning.

    I still love Slow Motion as much as other songs of her.

    Again, I would only recommend if you can comfortably afford it.

  11. hi patrick, yes you’re right – it’s quite a sum if i’m gonna buy the whole set. so i’m thinkin now which re-released albums are worth having. any suggestion? i’ll go for the english album anyway, quite interested in akina singing english (although i heard it’s awful, lol).

  12. Well, the beauty of Akina’s album is that she has variety of style and they are all very good.

    I would not recommend to get Cross My Palm first since there are many stronger album.

    Again, if you are planning to buy all of them anyway, I think it’s good to get the box so you can get Seventeen and the box as well. It’s also great to see her career development from 1st album to now.

    If not, I would recommend to get these Warner albums first. They are not in order.

    Bitter & Sweet
    Femme Fatal

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