Where It All Began …

I just realised that we were starting to resemble "Faithway" as in having no updates. Jokes aside, I was doing my youtube surf this morning and came across 愛.旅立ち. I have never watched the movie and I have heard it’s not very good, and I can see why from the opening sequences of this promotional video because it is hilariously bad. It almost looks like Godzilla masked in a love story. It features the duet with the seemingly "childlike" voice of Matchy meshed with the lucious honey of Akina. Their chemistry is evident and Akina is so obviously in love and she glows while being piggy backed by Matchy.

Just when I was wondering on the box office performance, I see this extra blurb by the side:


So, I guess to be 8th in the year for Japanese movies released, it should be considered a hit. I think they should have focused purely on the love story because that would have probably made it a better movie … and this is coming from someone who has never watched it. Ha! Ha! Enjoy the clip …



Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

7 thoughts on “Where It All Began …

  1. The special effects do make me chuckle. Never really pictured Akina involved in fantasy stuff or is that a dream or something, haha? But what makes me chuckle even more is Kondo’s voice. He can’t have possibly been a popular singer with a "singing" voice like that, haha? Pure haha for that Kondo’s outburst of rage part!

  2. I think he might possibly be one of the most popular. He certainly held the record (or possibly still does) for most Newcomer Awards and he won 日本歌謡大賞 twice, one more than Akina. Believe it!

    Matchy is actually not too bad. Just listen to some of the members of SMAP at Kohaku. You wonder how can they be even called singers!

  3. Yeah, true. Haven’t really even bothered listening to boy bands like SMAP let alone boy bands in general because they all sound the same. It’s all the same corny sound time after time to my ears.

    But at the end of day I still think Matchy sounds like a total amateur when compared to our glorious diva, haha!

  4. Good grief! And I thought it was only a boy-meets-girl and girl-is-terminally-ill kind of love story. Still, if it was released on DVD with English subtitles, no doubt I would get it.

    Yeah, Matchy’s singing sucks but I gotta admit he did have some nice songs. I think I have a couple of his singles in my record collection (namely "Highteen Boogie" and "ケジメなさい"). Of course, "夢絆" and "夕焼けの歌" were convered by Hong Kong artists Anita Mui and Priscilla Chan in the 80’s and turned into monster Canto-pop hits.

  5. yah i also didn’t know it was a sci-fi flick! lol. it’s evident from this clip that Akina has innate acting ability right from the beginning.

  6. Yes, I agree with all of you. Matchy did have some good songs. 夕焼けの歌 was a bigger hit in Asia than in Japan. Probably because the singers were better too. Ha! Ha!

    I also like ギンギラギンにさりげなく- horrible singer but catchy hook, 大将 (which was covered by Anita as well) and Baby Rose etc. He had a song 青春 that he sang at 紅白 after his mother died. They turned it into a ballad and it was actually nicer than the mid-tempo number. Too bad, he didn’t do a "remake" of that song.

  7. Arigato!!!

    I have been looking and looking to be able to see this movie but never found it. Thank you very much.

    I’m surprised by the sci-fi part as well.

    I’m used to be Matchy’s fan as well. I have several of his album. He does have many good songs although his voice is not that good. I did not feel that his voice was not good then though.

    I was lucky to see his concert front row in Bangkok and that did make me like him even more. I was hoping it was Akina instead of him though. Of course, with the incident and everything, I did like him less afterward.

    Now, he’s part of my 80s collection that give many many good memory.

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