What’d ya think?

I have been reading this Japanese Music blog for some time and I don’t think the blogger likes Akina very much. He seems to have a bias towards her and today made some semi nasty comment about Akina’s good chart position with her new best, along the lines of "Another useless Best. How many Bests can one have?" That is my interpretation but I could be wrong:



Maybe someone can interpret it better. I don’t like to stir up trouble but for someone who seems to enjoy crap music, I don’t think he is qualified to make such idiotic and ignorant comments. If my Japanese was more powerful, I think I would have given him/her a piece of my mind. What’d ya think?


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

8 thoughts on “What’d ya think?

  1. I’m sure many of you know now that I’m one of a big akina’s fan for a long time as well.

    I would say that art and music are subjective. Personally, I think this ballad best is not a bad collection since it has one new song with three additional new version. SOLITUDE~2007 itself is worth money. The new song is very nice as well. ON TOP OF THAT, it has Akina’s first concert!!

    However, we all have to admit that Warner did do a lot of damage by issuing way too many collection after Akina left them. Don’t forget that she did have two ballad collection already in the past.

    I think it will be pointless to response since you mentioned that he/she seems to have bias toward Akina.

    We, Akina’s fan, will just have to continue to support Akina whenever we can. For people who can afford to buy her work, let’s do it. For people who cannot afford to buy her work, let’s put good word and continue to show that Akina’s matter.

  2. that comment meant that in his/her opinion, it is difficult not to be disturbed by the fact that Akina best made it to (top 10). How many versions of best does Akina already have?

    Well, I dun really care about what he/she says, as he may be entitled to his comment….

    most importantly for fans like us, there are good stuff from Akina =)

  3. okay i did my part in posting a comment. nothing antagonistic. =)

    i guess it’s a valid observation – i hate that she has so many best compilations, and many quite pointless, thereby reducing the value of her songs, and especially the value of a great personally endorsed best album.

    i also find it weird that she’d release two best albums back to back. having said that, both consecutive debut charting positions are very encouraging. and have propelled her back into the limelight, and shows she still commands decent sales, when the work gets proper marketing and packaging, which were sorely missing for her original releases recently.

    let’s hope she will be 3 times lucky, and the next release (which must be original) will rub off some of this good streak.


    I misinterpreted the japanese text…it should mean:

    "personally i can’t help but like akina’s best album. how many best has she released?"

    He meant well…

  5. Perhaps he wanted to mean,

    What’s going on Akina? How many best albums has she released?
    I am so curiuous why she would release so many bests.

    I think he comments so as a mere Oricon watcher.
    But don’t care.
    I can understand why he feels like we feel toward Kumi Kouda as well.

  6. Oh! My big apology too then. I just keep noticing that he never covers her potential releases and then rates her rather poorly on 紅白 chances, so I jumped to conclusions. Sorry!

    I agree that she has too many Bests, but nothing close to what Sony likes to release for Seiko and Momome. Stupid fans like me keep buying all the Seiko Plaza, Seiko Town and even Seiko Train … The worst thing is that the cover is also fugly, no matter how famous the photographer. Ha! Ha!

    It’s sad that the company does not support original albums as much or maybe Akina’s standard is too high, and keeps rejecting mediocre songs that are sent to her. Which is why it took 2-3 years for her to release a really good album like "Destination". I believe we don’t want her to release an album a year that is of mediocrity and that would also be a waste of money. So, anyone buying Seiko’s new album "Baby’s Breath" out in June. I’m sure it sounds like "Bless You" last year or any of the recent works as well. Danny?

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