Multiple Versions of 「艶華-Enka-(仮)」? Title change to 「艶花-Enka-」

According to the guru AN-Fun Site’s Blog, there are going to be 3 versions of 「艶華-Enka-(仮)」and one separate release 、「中森明菜 演歌セレクション(仮)」

These are the versions:

艶華 -Enka -(仮)[CD+DVD]<初回盤A>@ ¥5,000

艶華 -Enka -(仮)<初回盤B> CD only @ ¥3,800

艶華 -Enka -(仮)<通常盤> CD only @ ¥3,000

Lastly, there is the 中森明菜・演歌セレクション(仮) , which I believe is a collection of Akina’s favourite "演歌" since the artiste name is not Akina but "Various Artists".

So, Akina has realised that multiple versions = more sales, especially if you have an A and B version. I wonder what is the difference between A and B, and what is going to be contained in the DVD besides the recording scenes? The price tag for A version is significantly higher than the B version, so I am wondering if it contains more songs – poll winners + enka that Akina wants to sing?


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

16 thoughts on “Multiple Versions of 「艶華-Enka-(仮)」? Title change to 「艶花-Enka-」

  1. Countdown has begun. Akina really kept us busy this year. 🙂

    I’m excited. thanks for the report.

  2. wow thanks Jamez!

    my wild guesses, other than the DVD, something needs to set Limited Edition version B and the normal press:

    1) normal version doesn’t have bonus tracks, most probably songs voted by fans?
    2) different packaging/cover

    erm, that’s about it i think?

  3. I guess the Disc 2 of the Limited Edition version B is the instrumental Version of the songs from Disc 1 ( The same case as Empress )

  4. The blog now states that the DVD will have recording material, PV(s?) and interviews worth of 40 minutes (or does it mean the lenght of the DVD in total?) and the second CD will naturally have instrumentals but also a bonus song (that’s so mean haha)!? Dunno if this Yahoo translator is that accurate… I find it funny that they’ve already decided the lenght?

  5. MG, i think the total running time for the entire DVD is about 40 min long, and that includes the PV, the making of the album, and the interview clips.

    smart move i say. the normal press will include 10 songs then i suppose? or 11? i wonder if the 11 tracks includes the bonus song?

    that means we have to buy both versions!!

  6. I guess Akina learnt from the younger singers here. The worst is that she has ジャケット A, B and C. What if C is the nicest? Will we be tempted to buy all three?

  7. I do hope that she doesn’t do that.

    It’s one thing to have different color cover and slightly different cover, which hard-core fan can afford to buy all.

    If the most expensive package doesn’t have all content in the cheaper one, it’s almost like forcing us to buy all and that’s not very nice to the fan.

  8. i have a feeling that the normal press will have the same cover as one of the other limited versions.

  9. I don’t know for sure but I would not be surprised if the cost to make cassette is more expensive than CD now. 🙂

  10. Wow, a cassette? She’s going seriously retro here. I’m glad my cassette deck is still working.

  11. In Japan, almost all new 演歌 albums (okay, compilations because they keep singing each other’s songs) are still released in cassettes as well.

    I guess the target audience (elderly generation) that listens to 演歌 are laggards when it comes to technology and might not have moved onto CDs. Especially if they have an entire collection of cassettes which would make it difficult for them to "recollect" them in CD format. The fact that they are probably not earning too much now, makes that transition more difficult.

    So, I guess this is indeed some collector’s item .

  12. I wonder if senior will buy this album. I think it will be difficult for them to appreciate since the singing style is very different. I assumed that Akina will continue to sing in her style.

    I would target more at middle age fans, who are no longer follow new pop songs and start appreciate older song more.

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