Shocking News!

For a moment, I thought I missed the shock because the actual "event" happened on the afternoon of the 27th (yesterday) but as I browsed through Yahoo news and the first site I saw this news (on HMV Japan), I am very sad to announce that 坂井泉水さん of ZARD fame passed away yesterday afternoon.

It looks like she fell off a slippery slope (due to rain) in a hospital while taking a stroll, fell three metres, hit the concrete and suffered brain injuries as a result. It sounds quite bizarre, unless it is my Japanese that fails me here.

 It is always sad when someone dies, and I liked quite a few of her songs. She was in the midst of planning for a new Autumn album release and a return to the concert stage after 3 years. Now, there will be a special farewell for her fans because her funeral will be a private affair. This sad news reminds of 本田美奈子. and 岡田有希子’s untimely deaths. May they all rest in peace …


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

5 thoughts on “Shocking News!

  1. yes, i was very shocked, too. life is… after all, very fragile. love the ones around you, and live as if today were a gift from heaven. i believe in life after death, and ultimately all people will gather again on the side of the sky, sharing endless joy and bliss. hold on people, life is good.

  2. This is really unfortunate as she was also battling against cancer before the accident, hope she will rest in peace.

  3. Yes, I forgot to mention that she fought ovarian cancer the year before, cured it because it was in the early stages, and she was hospitalised again this time because it resurfaced this time, albeit in another region.

    Leslie told me many years ago when Zard started that she never performed on any TV program and didn’t do so for a very long time (not sure if she eventually did) and never wanted photographers to take a full frontal shot of her face as jackets (covers) because she used to be the Japanese equivalent of a Page 3 Model, as in topless or provocative shots.

    That is why she was only photographed mainly on her profile because she didn’t want to be recognised. Anyway, it is always sad to lose anyone, as Ray put it, so let’s all treasure the times and the people around us.

  4. It is shocking as I read the news in today’s newpapers. I first knew her from the Conan the Detective series which is a great favourite of my son. Since then I have collected a number of her albums and singles. Life can be so fragile and you cannot take anything for granted. Miss Sakai always have a place in my mind.

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