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 Just more news covering the Jacket for 『艶華 -Enka-』 and just in case anyone missed the universal site, it updates the content of the DVD as well. Firstly, this article from Oricon. Like most other articles, but it does sound like even Oricon is mighty impressed.


 日本の“歌姫”、中森明菜が6月27日に発売する演歌オムニバスアルバム『艶華 -Enka-』で、より強く、より美しく、そしてより艶やかにさらなる進化を遂げる。

 『艶華 -Enka-』と名付けたうだけに、キーワードは“演歌”で、「天城越え」、「舟歌」、「矢切の渡し」など、演歌の名曲を明菜流に歌いあげる。サウンド・ プロデューサーは千住明で、自らもアレンジを担当。他にも鳥山雄司、栗山和樹、中川幸太郎がアレンジに参加している。


 時代を超えて歌い継がれてきた名曲。また、その時代を生きた人々への尊敬の念をこめて作られた『艶華 -Enka-』。日本独自の艶美を歌に込め、中森明菜が新たな伝説を築き上げる

And here is the DVD tracklist from her Official Universal site: 

■艶華 Films  
「艶華 -Enka-」レコーディング映像  
■Video Clips 2002~2007  
The Heat ~musica fiesta~  
missed U  
落花流水(from LIVE DVD)  






Lastly, the "Akina’s Enka Selection" that is meant to be released on the same day has a potrait of Akina in traditional enka pose:

I thought she was going to include PVs for the new songs but the idea of adding all the others is not too bad, though I am not too keen onthem. I also find it strange that they have listed the original singer of 「矢切の渡し」 as テレサ・テン because I am almost certain that it is actually 細川たかし, who won the レコード大賞 in 1983 with this song.

Finally, like Danny who can’t stop posting, here are the large versions of the covers from the Amazon Japan Site. Definitely makes good poster material. I wonder if they are going to give one poster for each different version bought. That would make it a worthy buy then. I am finding it really difficult to decide which to buy. So, who is buying what?  




Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

19 thoughts on “Oricon News

  1. Thanks, James. Like the crazy fan that I am, I’ve ordered all 4 versions for myself and another Akina fanatic friend – the 3 different CD versions plus the cassette. I’ve been collecting her stuff since January 1984, so I might as well go the whole hog this time!

  2. What rich fans Akina has lol.

    Aw, no Enka PVs? Well, I guess shooting PVs would have pushed the date back even further. Hope she’ll at least make a lot of appearances on TV shows performing the songs since she doesn’t even seem to have anything else to do like touring at the moment! Though I hope she’ll start working on something original again soon. Maybe a new single by the end of the year?

  3. thanx james for the larger posters. You are right, they do mke wonderful posters. I am still in awe with Akina’s new jacket designes. And yes! It is a dilemma now. Don’t know which ones to get! Like Jerry, I will most likely get all three. Probably skip the cassette though. Man I want large posters! =(

  4. forgot to mention this. Is anyone getting the Akina’s Enka Selection??
    What is the difference? I think the songs are all the same. Why have another cd out? I don’t quite get it.

  5. Thanks!! For The Cover Images.


    中森明菜 艶華 -Enka- -通常盤-
    UMCK-1227 STEREO \3,000 (tax in)

    中森明菜 選曲 演歌集 -艶華-/ オムニバス
    UMCK-1229/UMTK-1002 \2,500 (tax in)

    Just 500 :/

  6. Jen,

    The difference is obvious: as the title indicates, the 中森明菜 選曲 演歌集 compilation contains the original versions of the tracks selected for 艶華 -Enka-. I guess it’s for those who want to compare.

  7. thanx for the clarification.
    I thought that the compilations are actually sang by akina also. I guess wrong then.
    Someone said the tape cassette version actually has the whole portrait of akina. Geez….
    what a dilemma. Now I have to get the cassette too………. there goes my savings. =(
    this is totally bitter sweet.

  8. WOW!!! It’s hard to make a decision ’cause all covers are so beautiful. I’d like to collect 【空港】, but 【初回盤A特典DVD】seems more attractive. My budget is limited……. please help!!!

  9. But I think the record company is ‘chasing fans’ money’. The 5000 yen package should have included Teresa Teng’s ‘Empty Harbor’. I wonder what other fans shares the same view of mine. The cassette should likely be limited edition.

  10. I have to agree with Benjamin.

    Danny – It’s great that Akina has many fans like you and others here.

    For me, I feel like the record company treat me cheap and try to cheat me.

    In any case, I will just go with the Version A with DVD one and I will just download extra track somewhere else.

  11. i’m just happy she’s getting creative with the slight product variations to stretch her sales. it can be construed as a marketing gimmick in such that it’s newsworthy. and it sends fans into a frustration and frenzy cos we’re at a loss of what to buy. isn’t this cause for celebration? to be in such a sweet dilemma?

    i’d lap up anything she dishes out. besides these variations are worth every single cent when you see the special fanclub edition she brought out for the Empress DVD and that Game CD. those were truly lame.

  12. I empathise with Benjamin because I agree that Version A should have the bonus song (Sorry to correct you, but 空港 actually refers to "Airport" in Japanese. I do know that literal translation is "Empty Harbour" and I used to make that mistake myself until I arrived at Narita, and had a good laugh at myself.

    On the other hand, if you look at Ayu or Koda Kumi, they have multiple versions of the same thing and what’s worse is that the covers are only different because she chose to sit down instead of lie down or just a simple change of costume (nothing else). At least Akina made a bigger effort.

    Like Danny says, at least this is way better than the ultra lame Empress DVD Faithway Special which is sitting in my drawer, which I truly regretted because the original cover is so much nicer.

    Since listening audiences (especially the younger generation) are favouring downloads over actually buying CDs and one day, even CDs might be phased out, we have to be "thankful" that at least she is making an effort. It’s all a marketing gimmick, but it is a sweet dilemma.

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