the title stands for Uta Hime Best Singapore HMV.

Kenji and i were shopping in town last week and we popped into HMV (the one in Citylink Mall) for a while, and guess what we saw!! there was also prominent placing for Uta Hime Best and Ballad Best in the Japanese corner. glad Universal is distributing these 2 albums here with concerted efforts. let’s hope they do the same for Enka.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

12 thoughts on “UHB SIN HMV

  1. I love the "HA HA". Truly funny.

    It’s wonderful that it made it up the charts. I can’t remember the last time Akina made the charts at the local HMV. Oh, maybe like never.

    I wonder what they wrote in the mandarin sleeve. Is it "日本不灭歌姬" or something like that? Ha! Ha!

  2. Lol, she beat Ayumi? Muhahaha…

    Now if Enka will beat Namie Amuro’s new album then I would get my second "Muhahaha…"-moment.

  3. This is really great humour, love to see more.

    Where is the best place in Singapore to check out for general Japanese stuff? I used to go Daimaru (Liang Court) but they don’t operate anymore.

  4. glad you guys enjoyed that. i was just being mean.

    wah Jamez! your eyes so sharp ah? can see fine print? i can’t even see lor. that’s the Hong Kong press they’re distributing i think. it’s amusing cos they tried to name the original singers, and other Asian artistes who’ve covered the songs but for some songs they left it blank cos i think they dunno who sang those! LOL.

    Johnny – i used to go to this lil shop in Tokyu in Marina Square run by a Japanese lady who’s a friend of my mum. they rent out CDs as well. but the shop is no longer there. nowadays, it’s HMV, but their range is hardly good. so i rely on RANBI SERVICE to order my Akina cds for me. hahaha. and nothing beats going to Japan itself. the range is boggling. they have so many artistes i’ve never heard of!

  5. Danny – Read about your Japan trip, if you have taken any interesting photos maybe you can post some here for our enjoyment while we wait for our Enka cds.

    By the way, is Danny the same person as DannyBunny. Isn’t there another Danny in this blog?

  6. No lah, Danny or Danny Bunny, they are the same person.

    Now that you mentioned, I strained and saw "中森明菜歌姫25年紀念精選", but I was wondering if they wrote 日本不灭歌姬 in the finer print.

    It is indeed funny that they missed out some names. Maybe you could have used some black marker and filled it in for them. 😉

    With no promotion and still matched Oricon Chart’s position, that is a true achievement.

    Danny, I think you need to get Sharon to go to the 山野楽器銀座本店1F on the 26th and 27th, and buy "Enka" because apparently the rumours are flying around that the lucky draw item are the posters.

  7. this is Danny and/or DannyBunny! =)

    i actually did a slideshow of photos from my recent Tokyo trip but it ended up longer than 10 min so i can’t upload to YouTube! zan nen desu!

    i think the Chinese text is "中森明菜歌姫25年紀念精選" no "不灭歌姬". haha.

    i’ve told Shaz to pop by Ginza. she said she’ll do that after school in the evening on one of the days. she’ll take photos so we can post here. hee.

  8. a little off topic here, i finally had a chance to see akina’s final destination dvd. thoroughly enjoyed the show. a-class performance. wish akina all the best with her enka album.

  9. Ha! Ha! 中國城 = their translation of Chinatown. Looks like a Babelfish translation to me. They should know it means 唐人街.

  10. In San Francisco we are inundated with Ayumi and other artists younger than my kids! At least Ayumi is better than Morning Musume. Not as silly though.

    I had my wife convinced to pick me up the Enka DVD but she won’t allow me to ruin another PC DVD player to Japanese region 5 or whatever they are settings. I do set them to the asian settings then forget why they don’t work. LOL, at least they are cheap.

    Good humor Danny.

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