True Report

Okay, I retract my comment in my previous post about the validity of the report about the prayer, because there are photos to accompany this new report. Okay, just one, but a really beautiful and natural one, which makes up for the trivia.


 歌手中森明菜(41)が演歌・歌謡曲のカバーアルバム「艶華―Enka―」のヒット祈願を26日、東京・港区の豊川稲荷で行った。作曲家の千住明氏のプ ロデュースによる、デビュー25年目で初の演歌作品。「こぶしが回せなくて苦手だったけど、千住さんに100%助けられて完成した」と笑顔。「新しく生ま れ変わった演歌をテイスティングしてほしい」とPRした。

Here it means that Akina gave full credit to the producer for helping her complete the album and she is using this album as a test for her possible new "life". Bigger and better version of the photo:


Since we are on trivia, guess what I saw on my May trip to Melbourne …

Just before anyone gets too excited, it is actually not Akina, but Akira, the famous Japanese designer. Still, when the "r" looks like "n", you can’t blame me for getting a little excited. Maybe he is a fan of Akina’s too? Ha! Ha! I also saw a sign outside a shop that says "SM", signed similar to her recent "Best of Best" logos, and I certainly hope it made no sexual reference whatsoever. No, it was a boutique I believe, before the rumors start spreading.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

4 thoughts on “True Report

  1. As a trivia, the picture shows Akina with her handbag. Didn’t her staff revealed that Akina never brings her handbag in HEY HEY HEY? Or is it only her wallet that she never carries?

  2. haha~~~
    u still remembered the show’s contents…..
    i think they over-exaggerated a little.
    akina with no handbags??
    all for show, that’s what i think.
    but it’s nice to know that akina likes cleaniness!

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