Oh No! Oh Yes! Akina vs Anita

two of Asia’s pop queens singing the same song.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

8 thoughts on “Oh No! Oh Yes! Akina vs Anita

  1. I always thought that Anita borrowed heavily from Akina during the period 1987-88. Anita covered "Nanpasen", "Eki" and "Oh, No, Oh Yes!" and even had a song that sounded very similar to "Tango Noir". The "special effects" of the last track of her self-titled 1987 album is a direct copy of "Mick Jagger ni Hohoemio". To be fair though, I think Anita’s Akina covers were at least decent, unlike those by Alan Tam, Jacky Cheung, Pat Chan, Agnes Chiang, Samantha Lam, to name but a few.

  2. You are absolutely true, Jerry. Anita changed her image with every new album and that was after Akina did from years ago.

    I was a fan of Anita though and I agree she did the songs justice. Still, it could never compare. She needed to sing her own original compositions to sparkle.

  3. Akina was very BIG during that time so many people do cover her songs.

    I must say that this video comparison is not completely fair since that’s not the best performance of Anita. Anita did not sing as well by the time of that concert.

    The interesting part is that I did not know about the relationship between Anita and Matchy until a few years ago. That brought the whole thing back in circle.

  4. Leslie Cheung "First Time" (Kiku) is the only cover version by HK singers that I think is even better than Akina’s original. Though the comparison may not be fair as Akina was new back then but Leslie had already been singing for many years.

  5. Well, as a HK origin, I have to say that HKG fans have been fascinated by Anita’s ever changing image. But most of them (including me) thought that Anita "pioneered" a lot of them. But after YOUTUBE introduced me to Akina, I realized that there is a lag between the similarity between Akina’s new image and Anita’s, mainly with Akina’s first then Anita’s followed closely. I dare not say Anita’s copying Akina’s but I am confident to say that Akina has a lot fo influence on her. As a trivia, Antia once said her relationship with Matchy was ended because of Akina. But Akina met Matchy as early as in 1983 and he didn’t come to HKF as a guest presenter till 1986. I really doubt Anita met Matchy before Akina.

    But anyway, I never like the way Anita’s singing style, she kind of force her voice when it hit a high pitch note. In contrast, Akina’s is more smooth and soft, comfortable to the ears.

    BTW, I am also a big fan of Priscilla Chan. But it does not mean I don’t respect Anita. :p

  6. Olivia – That’s always my question too. I wonder if Anita referred to the Akina’s incident. If that’s the true, the rumor of phone call might be from different person instead of the forever young mama, which everyone had always thought off.

    Patrick (in the role of tabloid reporter) 🙂

  7. I always respect artists’ originality.
    It would be unfair to say Anita copied Akina. (weird, both of their names start with A)
    But, influence is definitely there. Anita might now want to "copy" but similarity is there.
    With that, Anita’s credit of originality is diminished.
    Just to talk about the song, "Oh No!, Oh Yes!", I like Akina’s version so much better. I like the way Akina present the song; very smooth, very calm, very relaxed. Again because Akina sang it first, she had the upperhand. I don’t like to listen to the same song twice, especially by two artists! Usually with me, the initial version of the song I would take with me and i would be very very reluctant to take in the song again by another artist.

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