Faithway Newsletter No. 22 (July 2007)

It doesn’t look like anyone else has reported on the new Faithway Newsletter, so I am posting it here first!!

In terms of new updates, it is meagre because it looks like it rehashing what we already saw on the DVD, and there are no new photos from the Enka shoot, so it is a little disappointing for me especially when they mentioned that this is a special issue of 「艶華」, and there is nothing new. There is a survey that asks fans if their impression of the album and how many copies they bought.

The only truly new promotion is that Phiten has collaborated with Akina to produce a limited edition of their titanium bracelets and necklaces to ease muscle tension and pain. I am a huge fan of this product because I used to suffer from really bad stiff necks (due to my heavy gym routine) and wrist ache (not a trait of my sexuality but a result of constant prolonged typing on the keyboard). I used to wear a gym wrist protector and had to constantly crack my neck because of the tension until my sister bought me a Phiten necklace one year ago.

I have since upgraded to their newer translucent models and my cynical friend is now a convert after she complained of similar pain in her wrist and I lent her my old Phiten necklace to wrap around her wrist, and she has just bought 3 copies over Ebay. I am debating if I need another set for 5,500 yem including shipping, but for those who have never bought it before, I am the first to say I love this product and that it really works. Worth a try too because of Akina! 😉


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

3 thoughts on “Faithway Newsletter No. 22 (July 2007)

  1. Hi James, I’m wearing a Phiten necklace right now but I must say it’s hard to tell if it’s working or not – well, my neck was never very stiff to begin with. I have yet to try the wrist band so I guess that’s next on my list. The Akina Phiten necklace is more expensive though – I think I paid only 4,000 yen or less for mine.

  2. Jerry, I think it is both the necklace and the bracelet together, a set for 5,500 yen, if I am not wrong. It’s not too expensive then. I am contemplating now. Ha! Ha!

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