Ayu + Akina Tiebreaker

Elsewhere, it is reported that Ayumi Hamasaki, with her latest Number 1 Single glitter/fated (which sucks big time if you ask me. so bad i deleted it off my iTunes library), now ties with Akina’s record of having the most number of #1 Singles from a female recording artiste.

(via Akina Fun Site


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

14 thoughts on “Ayu + Akina Tiebreaker

  1. I challenge anyone who plays/sings the entire Ayu single discography in one go, and not think "But haven’t I just played/sang this same song two or three songs ago?"

    It’s all just part of one big song or joke, whichever way you see it.

  2. I don’t dislike Ayumi Hamasaki but to me, she’s just one manufactured doll-like "singer" with trashy songs and a sucky singing voice. Wasn’t there a website solely devoted to how much she rips off Madonna and other artists?

  3. I used to love Ayumi but as my taste in music has changed somewhat since that I’ve grown more and more frustrated with her since she doesn’t seem to be able progress enough and glitter/fated really proves that. She should really get some new people to do her songs or start composing them herself again since the music is starting to sound rather recycled or uninspired.

  4. I’m sorry but that’s a shameful record.

    For me, Ayumi is a collection of all superficial starting from LOOKS, FACE, SOUND, DRESS, and everything.

    The sad part is that it’s not just in Japan music industry.

    But again, mainstream music is no longer what real music lover is looking forward to anymore. It’s more fun to find a real artist and get a sense of discover treasure.

  5. Persoanlly, I felt Akina’s record has been totally ripped off and downgraded. It is even sad to see people comparing Ayumi to Akina. And it is sad to see Ayumi being crowned as the "Queen of Jpop music history" blah blah blah. I might offend some people but honestly I don’t think she can sing!

    True legends are the ones that can stand time and test. Just listen to Momoe, Akina, Hibari, their voices still touch people’s heart everytime when they listen to their songs, even after 20 or 30 years.

    Today’s generation, they no longer appreciate great artists with great talents, instead they fawned at those are notorious. Just sad.

  6. I don’t think it’s a matter of whether Ayumi can sing or not (yes, she did sound terrible for the first four years or so but in my opinion she’s sounded good after 2003) but whether one can appeciate her voice since its distinctiveness is a really big divider – you either love or hate it. In my opinion she is able to convey true emotion when needed but her sugary coated commercial avex pop and her squeaky voice can degrade that effect somewhat. I think she could reach much more profound artistic quality in her music if she quit avex but somehow I get the feeling it’s become too much of a comfort zone for her to leave.

  7. "record of having the most number of #1 Singles from a female recording artiste"

    Please forgive my ignorance. (I am just an Akina fan but not a J-pop fan) Is that record held by Seiko instead?

  8. I think it should be the record of having #1 singles in the longest stretch/consecutive number of years. For Akina, she’s had at least one #1 single in the years 1982-1990, beginning with "Second Love" in November 1982 and ending with 水に挿した花 in November 1990.

  9. Hi Jerry,

    I think Tai was asking if Seiko holds the record of most Number One singles by a female artiste. Unfortunately, Ayu has overtaken Seiko a couple of years ago with the single 「Startin’/Born To Be…」.

    This is Ayu’s 28th No. 1, Seiko’s second at 25 and Akina third at 21. I don’t think there is anything else that is not going to be tied or held by Ayu in the female singer category on Oricon chart history. Well, she can also win my vote for most "over-awarded singer".

    The only record Ayu can’t touch is that Akina is Queen of No. 1 in the TV program 「ザ.べストテン」.

  10. Thanks Jerry and Jamez. Both of you answered my questions.

    Out of curiosity, I bought a second hand "Best" of Ayumi yesterday. Totally agreed on Jamez’s comment: seems like repeating the same song again and again. I could not complete the whole CD.

  11. I am not a big fan of Ayumi myself. It could be that I am just too old to like her. I wound up with her as a desktop background for a couple of weeks because it was a great picture but she really does little for me. I don’t like her singing or dancing much. A lot of people must like Ayumi because she sure is does sell a lot of cd’s.

    My dad likes her because she shows a lot of leg. What the hell, he is 80. He likes to look at any legs.

  12. Ha! Ha! That is one of the funniest comments I have heard. I don’t even think about her legs when I see her. I believe he must really like Kuda Kumi then because she is such a skank.

    All I think of Ayu when I try to recall her is her truly horrible cat like call when she talks.

  13. Now, Akina has lasted all these years/decades, let’s wait ten years and see if Ayu is still around. She is talented and some good tracks but seriously, can anyone expect her to be around after her youthfulness is gone, not me.

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