Those Good O’l Days

When I first saw the heading on Youtube, I was exhilarated. Three singers that I admire, but then after watching the video performance, which highlights the varying styles and pitches of all three and less than perfect harmony, I can’t stop smiling because of the apparent fun they are all having. 研ナオコ seems to be following a style of off-key singing which is her signature and since they are Anri’s songs, I had no idea her pitch was that high until I watched this. Akina is strangely in a hilarious and "pushy" mood, and you have to watch it to see.

Some of their combined chorus are rather bad, but who cares, we will never see these scenes of youthful "recklessness" again. Note: Watch out for the really horrible leotard that one of the dancers spots. Hope you will enjoy this mish mash as much as I did.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

11 thoughts on “Those Good O’l Days

  1. Thanks for digging this clip out, James. It’s hilarious and I really dig those Anri songs from the mid-80’s. What year is this from, I wonder? Judging by Akina’s hairstyle, maybe it’s from 1986/87?

  2. Thanks Jamez. Yeah I watched this clip on youtube not long ago. Yup, it is always a treat to watch Akina enjoying herself and having fun. The first time I heard of Anri is that I had a college mate who is Japanese and she told me that there is a song with my name on it. That’s how I bought my first Anri’s CD. And of course I love "Cat’s Eye" as well.
    Yeah, her pitch is comparatively higher than Ken san and Akina, and Akina had trouble reaching one of the pitch too. Hehe.

  3. No worries, Jerry. They are my favourite Anri songs too apart from "Summer Candles" and the rather silly "思いきりアメリカ". I just find the melody of the latter rather infectious. "Cats Eye" used to my No. 1 because it was my first Anri song from my first Japanese experience – 紅白1983 which I watched in Singapore in Jan 1984, but it has now been eclipsed by "オリビアを聴きながら" and more recently by "悲しみがとまらない".

    Judging from her hairstyle, it does resemble the shorter length she had around "Desire" to "Gypsy Queen", eh?

    Olivia, it is interesting that you were introduced to Anri this way. I guess people do invariably feel some strange sense of connection when their names pop up on a song title. Her debut song ""オリビアを聴きながら" is written by one of my favourite composers 尾崎亜美 about her listening to Olivia Newton John. I wonder if anyone of us will write a song called "アキナを聴きながら" and include all her signature song titles in the song like Seiko’s "20th Party", which she wrote her. Silly but fun.

  4. I once read in the Akina’s Japan wikepdeia that one of the famous singer songwriter (deceased) wrote a song called "Akina" to encourage her after she committed suicide in 89. And one of his famous song ("first love"??), the lyrics are based on Akina.

    村下孝蔵 – 「少女」は明菜をイメージ。「アキナ」は明菜の応援歌。「踊り子」をカバー。

  5. I agree Suzy, Ken Naoko has such a great voice. I don’t really hear too much from her in my area. The local Japanese music shop looks at me like I am nuts when I bring up these old singers.

  6. Ha! Ha! Ted, that is so funny. My Japanese friends sometimes "cringe" or say "Natsukashii …" when I bring up 80s Jpop idols like 河合奈保子, 柏原芳恵, 早見優, 堀ちえみ… Then I love their looks when their jaws drop when I mention (besides 山口百恵), 桜田淳子, 研ナオコ, or go as far as 南沙織 and 天地真理。

    Still, I think it is stranger for an Anglo to mention such "ancient" Japanese names to some new guy who runs a Japanese store.

    So, how long have you really been listening to Japanese music?

  7. I went to Japan in 82. I still remember stuff like CCB and Checkers. Back then we would rent some records and buy others. We once had a very big earth quake and sat there frozen while thousands of dollars worth of stereo equipment rattled around in its Budha stereo stand. I guess that was sacralige at the time. Been a J-pop fan ever since. The earth quake had nothing to do with j-pop, just a fond memory.

    We used to watch a show called the funky tomato. It was a one hour music video show. We also watched the weekly j-pop top ten. Akina dominated for a long time in the early 80’s. I liked akina because of her big band/classical roots.

    My current favorite station aside from Akina is It is ealy classical music that most find totally dull.

  8. I have been to Ken Naoko’s concert three times in these years. Although her voice is not good as before, I think that those songs can still be presented distinctively by her husky voice. Ken Naoko is still my all time favorite singer now.

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