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Following the success of her “Best Collections” of late, but preferring to ride on the success of her レコード大賞企画賞 win for 「艶華~Enka~」, Universal is releasing two versions of Akina’s Best Hits in the 90’s. This is the first time they will be collating all her single songs in her 90s (not many songs that fans like us wouldn’t have) but cleverly creating two formats – a regular and deluxe – to be released on the 27th February next year.

The regular series would contain only one disc with 17 songs from her MCA/Victor and Gauss years but this detail is subject to change (?) from the CDJapan site. If we include all the single songs, it will come up to:

(1) Everlasting Love

(2) Not Crazy To Me (Double A-side)

(3) 片想い

(4) 愛撫 (Double A-side)

(5) 夜のどこかで~night shift~

(6) 月華

(7) 原始、女は太陽だった

(8) Tokyo Rose

(9) Moonlight Shadow -月に吠えろ-

(10) Appetite

(11) 帰省~Never Forget~

(12) 今夜、流れ星

(13) とまどい

(14) オフェリア

(15) Trust Me

So, she has two more songs that she can slot in from there. The Regular series retails at 2800円. For die hard fans and others who do not own the CD singles and previous Best albums only!

The “Deluxe Edition” retails at a whopping 6800円, but contains four discs (three CDs + one DVD). The first CD will contain all the songs from her MCA/Victor years, second her GAUSS years (OMG, they are going to have difficulty in selling me this disc if it was separately retailed, and the final, her coupling songs (11 songs from above) and according to the Japanese Neowing site , previously unreleased material that did not make it to the albums. I am highly skpetical of the latter claim because it sounds so flippant, and I guess it must be from her MCA years because GAUSS probably used all of it on 「WILL」. I hope it is not some remix version of songs that were already included in the album. We have DJ Suzy for that, we don’t need more wonky remixed versions.

If this is indeed true, then I can see the “Deluxe Edition” being a true “must-have”. Notice that I totally discounted the DVD? It contains what they call “live footage and music videos from the 1990s”. Music Videos? Ewwww. Live footage? As long as they don’t remove this like they did for 「艶華~Enka~」, then I think this will be something to look forward to. Even if it is from her 95 Concert series that was never officially released, but bootleg footage that we keep seeing, it would be wonderful to have it nice and clear. But, I think that is too much to ask.

This is certainly a clever tactic. Knowing that Akina fans have saved up money over the past half year of zilch releases and no concerts, her fans are hungry for anything to hang out for. On that note, is anyone just as annoyed that 「艶華~Enka~」 did not sell better considering how that irriating 「Vocalist」 series is selling like hot cakes. Makes me wanna just chuck burning hot cakes at all those deaf customers who love that series. Arrghhhh!

On that note, I will also wish everyone (including Akina) a very happy 2008. May we be blessed with quality works from Akina. Note: No more best collections after this please!!! If they want to rehash material, then please release release full versions of the concerts like Bitter and Sweet, Femme Fatale and a Hundred Days!!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

11 thoughts on “90 Best

  1. Uuu!

    I suppose this will be the closest I’ll ever get to owning SPOON-era tracks. 😦

    I’m hoping the ’95 concert would be longer than this whateva recording I have. 50 minutes just isn’t enough! Even with some of those crazy outfits to look at! 😛

    And oh, based on that one "SPOON Live CD-rom" forum post here, is there actually material for that concert? Could that get released with this? 😮

  2. Oh, I wonder if the unreleased material will include Shangrila which’s on the True album? Is that song any good?

  3. Oh! I haven’t even thought of Spoon Live. I have never ever heard of it, even the bootleg copies. So MG, did you hate her GAUSS era so much that you don’t even own "Spoon". Some of the VAMPires really love the album. I am a little indifferent to it because there are some songs which I don’t particularly enjoy. Still, it is better than "Will". If Akina had her way with "Will", I am almost positive I will like it more.

    "Shangrila" is beautiful. It has a very long intro before you hear Akina’s voice sounding rather ethereal over the silky waves. I like it but since I already own it, I am looking for previously unreleased material. Sorry to disappoint.

  4. I wish we could tell if previously unrelease songs are from MCA time or GUASS time. I found Akina’s MCA songs were still in high quality and artistic although they might not be as commercial. However, GUASS songs were totally opposite.

    I must say that this special package with high price is really taking tow from me.

  5. Jamez, no I don’t hate "SPOON"; though I did when I first heard it. After a long time of listening to it it finally grew on me and now it’s actually quite nice. It kinda sounds like a more personal/intimate album than anything she’s ever released. And besides, I’m an ORIGA fan so with her composing and singing in the background I’m sold :P. The problem is, like with many 90’s albums, it’s difficult to find (at least from my sources) :(. I wasn’t even expecting to find it as a download.

    With "Will" it’s the same. I only have 1/2 of the album downloaded and already based on that it’s quite awful, though the remixes of "Arashi no naka de" and "Genwaku" offer quite nice alternatives to the originals. "Kisei~Never Forget~"’s remix on the other hand is… kinda trippy lol?

    Now that I thought about the unreleased stuff again, I suppose this will be the time they’ll issuing the actual guitar and orchestral versions of "Tsuki no Hohoemi" that were released on the "Wizardry ~Dimguil~" soundtrack? The orchestral is pretty nice, haven’t heard the guitar version.

  6. You are right again. GAUSS did not re-release many of her albums in the 90s like Universal did.

    月の微笑み was meant to be a single, and I remember Danny Bunny’s reaction when we discussed it last month. He thought it would have made a relatively weak single. I like the song but not enough to believe it will be hit material. I don’t think I heard the orchestral version, only the guitar, or it could be the other way round, but still it is nice song. So, you could be write. I would pencil that in because not many fans bought the soundtrack.

    I believe our dear 乱火 bought it but he’s one of the few who actually managed to secure a copy. I saw it in Japan once or was it in Singapore in the late 90s, but it was so dear I would never dream of owning it.

  7. James, I just e-mailed you the orchestral version of 月の微笑み. I prefer this version to the acoustic version which is available on "Will". I have a copy of the "Wizardry ~Dimguil~" soundtrack but I must say I haven’t really listened to the other instrumental tracks on it.

    I believe Akina had wanted to make a Latino-influenced album with "Will" but since she fell out with Gauss, she never got to complete that project. The end result of "Will" is very half-hearted and it’s just a mix-bag of new tracks, singles and remixed tracks. Of course, three years later she released the full-on "Resonancia". I like that album but I think it’s laughable that Universal was trying to market her as the Japanese Jennifer Lopez at the time!

  8. Thanks Jerry. It is beautiful. Did the soundtrack have the guitar version too? I believe I downloaded that from an Akina Yahoo Group once. 😉 The guitar version is more intimate and it is quite similar to the Acoustic version, unless it was the same and the author gave us the wrong information. Ha! Ha!

    Akina loves her Latin songs. I am not totally for it, but I love Resonancia. I do think however that Akina made a mistake with the single "The Heat". For me, the first three songs would have been stronger choices.

    I hate J Lo, so I can’t understand why they would compare her to someone who couldn’t even sing. LOL

  9. wah, got another new rehashlease with more remashed goodies. that’s pretty much her style these days isnt’ it?

    i was very disappointed by WILL and till date, i think i’ve only spun the cd 3 times since i bought it? but it serves as a very real artifact reminding us of Akina’s lowest point of her career. i think she only sold 5000 copies. i remember even our local singer Jessica Soo sold 2 thousand copies more than her. and she was a super lousy singer.

    i’m definitely going for the deluxe version, well unless she’s coming up with a 2 cover strategy again, then i’ll have no choice but to suck it all up, willingly. Akina gets away with it once again.

  10. James, the "Acoustic Version" and the "Guitar Version" of 月の微笑み are the same, I believe. Anyhow, I’ll make you a copy of that soundtrack some day.

  11. A couple of points from Alameda.

    I want more Enka!
    If I could kick out $50 US for Enka, I can spend 68 USD for a 4 disc set.
    I like the cdJapan site (thanks for link).
    I am looking forward to the collection of best ballads in March.
    Stop hating on someone who is marginally hot and not very talented (bordering on bad) who is worth a billion dollars.
    I got Crimson for Christmas and realize why I didn’t have it.

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