Happy New Year, folks! We’re kickstarting 2008 with a reVAMP. New design, new content management system, and new webhost. Bye bye SquareSpace.

You sucked BIG time. It was getting terribly difficult to create even a simple entry. The interface took forever to load, images can’t be loaded, and the system keeps logging out. The list goes on.

I’m trying to set up the site first, and then gotta try to import all the old posts (manually, unless there’s a better way of doing it; still awaiting reply for my support ticket at SquareSpace). We have a wealth of content from the old site. VAMP started in 2005!


YAY! I was able to import all our old entries from the previous blog, including all your valuable comments! BIG PHEW! The only problem was Ranbi’s author tag didn’t import correctly due to the Kanji characters. Entries are safe though, just relegated to me under Author by default. Sorry Ranbi!


Okay, looks like we’re all set now. Just waiting for the domain switch to populate. If you see this, HELLO! Hope you guys like it as much as I do!


Yay! Everything’s set now! Welcome welcome!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

19 thoughts on “reVAMP!

  1. yeah! google already crawled this test-site!! hehehe…

    clean and sleek here!! looking forward to the official launch!!

    1 small request…can remove my blog URL? wanna keep it private =)

  2. hee hee. you cheater bug 乱火! i’m so excited! it’s bringing Vamp to another level. i think this looks so much neater and breezier and more organised. blog url removed as requested. you should replace yours with Hamu’s. lol.

  3. Helow! Love this new format. It is indeed much cleaner and more organised, I love the sarcasm in the “About” segment but it is so true. Thanks for this. A great start for 2008!

  4. hey Jamez! glad you like it! you bet i had fun with the “About” page!

    thanks Jen. i think the colours are very Enka inspired.

  5. Thanks! It is much easier to navigate. Love the color theme too. Mystery + Passion.
    Just watched the Fuji TV drama of “Sugao no Mamade” and 古畑任三郎, Akina was superb! Realized that Akina is also a very prominent actress too. P.S: In 死者からの伝言, Akina’s character was acquitted.

  6. This is a nice clean look. It looks like you really have the hang of using wordpress.

    I bet you put a lot of hours revamping the site. You will probably put a lot more hours into the new look before you are done.

    It looks like squarespace was an all in one package with software and hosting done by the same company. I like to just have a web host then do everything else myself. I don’t do anything close to this.

    This site is awesome! All of this content that is easy to find.

  7. thanks alot Ted! it was fun, and i based it on a WP theme i purchased actually. did spend some time tweaking it though. =) having your own webhost does allow alot more flexibility. i do think this version handles categories alot more clearly. there is a Tag Cloud as well, so as we populate the entries with them, it should get even more fun!

  8. Hello! Long time no post for me… Happy New Year (much belated) everybody!

    The new site is fantastic! Great work, Danny!

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