New Year Countdown Show Report (Part 1)

after watching the X’mas Show, which i personally felt was erm, lacklustre, mainly cos i think Akina wasn’t in the best of moods (no personal plans after the show perhaps, so kinda pissed?) and the French fare was a tad cold and uninspiring (but give me free flow champagne and I’m a happy bunny! booze flow was generous!), we were of course looking forward to the Countdown Show which she promised would be an “extended” (inverted commas cos we should all have learnt by now to take these promises with a pinch of salt) show. however, securing tickets to the show proved to be one of the biggest challenges 2007 would throw us before bidding adieu…

as we all know, details of the countdown show were announced rather late, in fact, after many of us had secured tickets to the X’mas show. i’m amazed at how much of an ordeal they’ve created for overseas fans to purchase tickets. it’s as if they had to administer a true test of your adoration for Akina before they let you through. “ONLY THE FITTEST SURVIVES!” being an exclusive event, tickets in the initial stages were only available for fan club members. to secure tix, you better have someone native in Japan to handle the enquiry and to sort out the payment (which you need to send to their post office) cos they do not accept credit card payments (so old school, like the yucky Official Website), otherwise it’s tough luck. and of course by the time we sussed that out and got in touch with them proper, they said tickets were sold out (which was not true cos they subsequently opened sales to the public), and they’d put us on waiting list and call us back with a confirmation (which they never did). whilst the public continued to have access to the tickets, we were counting sheep on the waiting list – a privilege of being a member perhaps?

then we tried calling the Reservation Hotline, and all we got was a “network is currently under construction” message. repeatedly. for over 4 days! WTF!? called Okura Hotel (performance venue), and they said we had to call the hotline. ho hum~! by this time, we were making alternative plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve…

eventually, we managed to get hold of a Faithway rep at the X’mas Show, whined to her about the pain, and then good news!! – we could buy tickets on the spot! she couldn’t issue the actual tickets to us, and all we got was a pathetic lil piece of paper with our order numbers penned down. and her staff chop. it all looked very dubious and we were very prepared to show up with no assigned seats on the actual day. we also had to pay cash in full (thankfully we carried enough with us without getting robbed) as they didn’t accept credit card payment, again naturally (kore kara naturally).

anyway, we made it to the show. that’s not the end. i have more to complain about!!

the event was very poorly managed. you asked fans to turn up early for a surprise, and you let them queue, standing around like lost puppies for almost an hour. how nice. next, collecting tickets and getting the seat numbers was an utter bio-hazard. they were shouting out a series of numbers (some of them right at the end of the queue) to come forth and realign themselves into rows of 6. what type of a system is that? what’s the point of coming early? it was sucha mess so if you do not comprehend Japanese, good luck to you.

here’s Part 1 of our journey, leading all the way up to the mess orgy. enjoy and stay tuned for Part 2!!



Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

10 thoughts on “New Year Countdown Show Report (Part 1)

  1. What a cliffhanger! Definitely beats the WGA strikes in the US! Who needs them when we have you. 😉

    I didn’t even notice that our Kenathony was in the photo. Eugin is like the deceased lead singer of Zard, who never shows her full face, only her profile. She had a reason. It was due to her unglamorous past – soft porn, but what is Ranbi’s? Now, go speculate …

  2. Sorry for my testing email. I tried to send comment three times from my work but never got through. That’s why I just type testing to test it instead of start typing a long comment.

    Well, Thank you very much for the report. I love all the details and comments. It made me feel like I was there with you.

    You know that you are evil. right???????? To keep us waiting like that is just simply heartless. I guess you learn that from Akina’s count down concert. 🙂

    Looking forward to the part two.


  3. hey Patrick! welcome to the new Vamp! every new commenter needs to be approved for the first time before the system publishes your future comments automatically. this is to sieve out the spam which we get quite alot.

    i will be working on Part 2 on Sunday. the reports do take some time cos i want it to be very detailed, since i know what it’s like with the dinner shows being some sort of a phantom event in the past. it’s like no one ever shows any photos! but here, we do it in glorious Vamp style!

  4. Danny – Fantastic!! Thank you. I’m by no mean to rush you but yes, Sunday sounds good. haha. 🙂

    In term of new VAMP, I wonder if it’s possible to have the section that show all the new post so it’s easier to keep track of any new entry/ comments.


    Again, I’m not a very IT person so I don’t think I can help on the technical part. However, I’m more than happy to share all the hosting cost. I know it’s not much but I felt like to contribute into this website, which I check it almost daily. Thanks.

  5. Hi Danny,

    You fellows are brave to go without securing the tickets.
    Its very lucky that you are able to get them—if not it will be diappointing for you guys.
    Maybe the Shopping in TOKYO might make up for it.
    Is Sharon Au a AKINA fan as well? didnt know that.

    Thanx for the Part 1.
    Its very un-japanese to be so CHAOTIC.
    Wondering how long it takes for you to get into the venue?
    Cant wait for the Part 2…keep it coming OK. Konw you will…thanx again.

  6. Patrick – for new posts, there are 3 places to look:

    the biggest post you see with a black background will be the latest post. the text links following that in the same area will be the next latest 5 posts. if that is not enough, mouse-over the “Latest” tab under “Most Popular Content” section on the right side. you’ll have a list of the latest 11 posts. finally, if you want a full laundry list of ALL posts, in back-chrono order, just hit the Archives link at the top navigation bar. =)

    JASONe – we did secure tickets to the X’mas show so that was good enough. and i went Tokyo for other reasons as well, like spending X’mas and New Year with Sharon and doing my favourite kaimono, so even if we didn’t get tix to the Countdown Show, we would have been happy with other plans. =) Sharon is a big fan, since when i introduced it to her in school.

    “Its very un-japanese to be so CHAOTIC.” well, let’s just say i discovered many other traits this trip.

    i better get going with my Pas De Deux.

  7. Danny – Thanks! I just found it afterward and felt stupid to miss it. I’m still learning this new site. 🙂

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