New Year Countdown Show Report (Part 2)


[i’m back with Part 2! thanks for your patience guys!]

SOOOO. after much clawing and lots of neck-stretching exercises, we managed to get our precious tickets! (wow! finally!) the staff were all decked in the Akina Countdown Show t-shirt and it’s really one of the best tees i’ve seen. it’s something i would actually wear! well, that’s IF it was available in my size. the S-sizes were out so my M-sized tee is now chucked in my Akina cupboard, together with the rest of the “unwearables”. haha.

together with the tee, we were given a goodie bag from Phiten (sponsor for the event) which comprised of a Phiten newsletter (er… i was expecting at least a lil report on their collab with Akina), and some Phiten sample products (including a small vial of massage oil?… plus a couple of plasters that were perfectly sized and shaped for the nipples. to make them perky perhaps? hahaha!).

there were 2 merchandise booths (apart from the ticketing booth) – one for Music and Video items (all her recent releases); and another for the usual items like Tees, Tour Booklets, Caps, Postcards, Phiten & Akina Collaboration Necklace, and er, that hideous Akina Logo Monoprint Bathrobe wasn’t missing of course. but of particular interest was a little Bear (which Anthony got if i’m not wrong), and the 2008 Calendar (with a misprint on one of the monthly grids, but i’m not arsed about it cos i never hang them anyway. i only buy them for the pictures). and the HUGE Resonancia poster was only going for 500 yen (cheap cheap). in line with the tradition of weird behaviour, we couldn’t buy any merchandise cos they won’t “open” the booth until something like 8:45pm, when we were in the midst of our dinner. how thoughtful. anyway, big thanks to Ranbi for Q-ing up for us!

onwards with the dinner. it was very much like a wedding dinner. 10 at each table. there was no ambience whatsoever with the ballroom house lights fully on, which would have been fine by me if the people seated at our table weren’t so glum-looking. there were 2 vexatious ladies (one of them captured in digital glory below) who were grating my nerves throughout the dinner. for some reason, we must have got on the wrong footing when waiting in queue (in front of them) at the basement (refer to Report Part 1) – we were obviously excited (who wouldn’t? i mean we’re here to watch Akina! i’m not sure about them though. did someone force them at gun point to buy tickets?) and couldn’t contain our hyperactivities (i’m sorry if you choose to waste life being half-sedated); and as we were conversing in various foreign languages (Mandarin, English, Cantonese, and a bit of Espanol) they thought we didn’t understand Japanese – they started making rude remarks, skilfully masked under their plastered smiles, about Kenji, Sharon and myself. very childish remarks that could have come out only from country bumpkins themselves – such as “how rude, they’re talking so loudly”, “put so much pepper in his soup, he doesn’t even know how to eat Western food… hahahaha…”

anyway, after we discovered they were seeking pleasure in overtly ridiculing us, Sharon proceeded to prominently converse in Japanese with one of the waitresses, and i virtually emptied a quarter of the pepper shaker into my soup whilst staring at Boring Subjects A and B. thank you for your hospitality. i felt very welcomed.

you’d think that ordinarily, if you threw a bunch of people at the same table, who were there to celebrate their love for the same idol and music, on top of welcoming the new year, there’d be so much to banter and indulge in. but nada. zilch. kosong. what’s wrong with these people?

thankfully, i was with good company (Ranbi and Anthony were seated a table away), and we dug into the rather yummy food (much better than the X’mas Dinner Show fare). champagne wasn’t served at dins, but we were told there’d be some when we countdown with Akina later in the evening. fair enough.

each of us was handed a Lucky Draw Coupon (see picture) and table by table, we were called for a spin at the new Akina Slot Machine (to be launched soon). everyone’s a winner, and we each went home with a cute plastic mug/cup thingie with Akina cartoons all over it! but then, we also won something more than the rest…




Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

13 thoughts on “New Year Countdown Show Report (Part 2)

  1. My gawd, I’d die if I was sitting across from that BORING and ANALLY RETENTIVE couple! These people looked like they were having a business or post-funeral dinner or something. The decor of that room looks boring as hell. Bitch, bitch. Hehe. The X’mas dinner show at New Otani was great though – people seemed more excited and friendly and everyone was seated at small tables (up to 4 persons). Anthony SMS-ed me on the spot saying that the hotel was old-fashioned and slightly run-down. Still, at the end of the day, it’s the company that matters. You guys looked so cheerful and excited!

  2. Danny – Thanks for the Part Two and again, you are evilly plan to leave us with another major cliff hanger. Hate you and Love you!

    Well, as you know, holiday time is the time that people get depress the most!! Maybe the lady wants to go to ayumi’s concert but the buddy boyfriend got Akina instead! 🙂 Maybe you guys are too lound and did not realize that that was not a western food but a Japanese food but look like a western food. (Patrick is trying to make Danny upset even more so I can get even juicier comments. Hahaha..)

    Joke aside; I must say that as much as I love Japanese culture & tradition. I cannot stand some of the Japaneses, who take themselves in superior position and behave arrogantly. Obviously, this is not all but, sure enough, there is a significant number of them.

    I must say the cup is very cool!

    Look forward to the part three. Don’t keep us waiting too long. I’m afraid the fire inside of you will cool down. 🙂

  3. I love it when we reel people like this couple in. Let them think we don’t know what they are talking about, act all innocent, and then unleash the beast within! Watch them squirm!! HA! Ha! HA!

  4. the bear that Ken-thony wanted was sold out the moment when it was my turn to purchase the backdated concert goods…anyway, there were a lot of old tee-shirts for sale…and mostly very small sizes!! argh!
    how come no new goods one!?!?! argh!!!!x2

  5. This is the last place where one want to stay reserved. If I were there, I would be so excited to meet with other international fans. Good that Sharon and you lot knows what those ladies are talking about. With their smiles, I would have thought that they are speaking something good about me.

  6. Already so DRAMA even before the show starts-you people had already been entertained…by 2 CLOWNs.

    I think its more common for TOKYO people to do that —as they also criticised they own people from other JAP-cities—in particular OSAKA…TOKYO also think they are HIGH CLASS & more EXPOSED.

    Its good SHARON & you DISHed them back in VERY CIVILISED MANNER—you people has CLASS.
    I bet they kept quiet after that? Their plastic masks must had melt.
    MOST IMPORTANT is you all are there for AKINA…you all looked excited & happy.

    So what is the GRAND PRIZE?
    BACKSTAGE PASS to meet AKINA???…
    Keep it coming…soon…
    thanx DANNY.

  7. OMG!!!

    After discussing about this infamous lady, I looked at her picture again and I just realized that I KNOW HER.

    Her name is Kiyoka Shiina. She’s a doctor, who you don’t want to mess with. Trust me!

    Danny, you are lucky that you don’t live in Japan. Kiyoka would not let you go easily if you were in Japan. The moon will be much colder than you thought.

    (Patrick – losing it while waiting for part three)

  8. oh yes! come to think of it, i did see her mouthing “Misaki Misaki” and rolling outta the hotel on a wheelchair with a bandage on her head after the dinner show. scary… i dun wanna die under her baseball bat!

  9. Hi, I’m new to the site and have really enjoyed looking around. Great job to everyone involved. I am also looking forward to part three of your story. Akina is great and your site is a wonderful tribute to her. Keep up the great work! And Patrick, that was funny about Kiyoka Shiina.

  10. Julie – Thank you for thinking it’s funny. It’s hard to compete with this VAMP teams so I just have to keep try harder to come up with something. 🙂

  11. You didn’t happen to put pepper on miso soup did you? I don’t like miso soup but I have to laugh when my wife and her friends get all wound up over a “gaijin” putting pepper on miso soup.

    I just wish I was there with you guys. Hurry up with part 3!

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