歌姫伝説〜90’s BEST〜 Oricon Daily

Apparently it has debut at #14 on the Daily Chart. Is this even exciting news?

02/26 – #14
02/27 – #26
02/28 – #32


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

21 thoughts on “歌姫伝説〜90’s BEST〜 Oricon Daily

  1. I was surprised but disappointed nonetheless, even though there were no hopes for it. It dropped out of the Daily Top 20 the second day.

    It kept me thinking “Who would buy the single CD set?”. It’s such a terrible tracklist and if even Akina fans are shunning it, why would new or non-fans buy?

  2. I ordered the single CD set (so did Kenthony), purely for the sake of collecting……oh, and for the “special booklet” (probably full of recycled photos). Speaking of which, I’m a bit annoyed with HMV Japan – it’s now 2 days after the official release date of the album and yet my order has yet to be shipped – it’s still listed as “In Transit”.

  3. I wasn’t aware that they were giving away any booklets. Was it restricted to the single CD format? I hope they are not a collection of photos from “My Life”. Those photos of her looking sunburnt and skeletal in a swimsuit should be burned.

    Mine shipped two days before its official release, so I guess they must have ordered a very small shipment in anticipation of its low sales.

  4. I placed my order as soon as I found out that it is going to be released. I bought the 3-cd’s with DVD version and it has arrived in new york on Thursday 2-28-08. There is no photo booklet in the cd set, but i love having it to complete my collection.

  5. Julian, you’re saying the DVD version doesn’t come with the booklet? so what’s the “special booklet” about? i can’t believe how they can continue to rip people off like that. i haven’t received mine, but should get it tmrw from Ranbi. i’ll do some shots of it and share with the rest so we all know how pathetic it is.

    MG, i’d be surprised if it even makes Top 100 Weekly.

  6. From the official website:

    歌姫伝説~90’s BEST~ -通常盤-

    UMCK-1245 \2,800 (tax in)

  7. I am watching the DVD now, and though Akina sounds like she is little sick and hence hoarse on that day, the video is surprisingly interesting and good. She has already changed four costumes and I’m onto the 8th song only. Her performance of “Gaia” is to die for … that dress, that poise, that attitude!! Omigod! So good!!

  8. I got mine today as well. Yes, “Gaia” is definitely my favourite part of the show. Though I’ve seen the show before (thank you, Eugin!!), it’s nice to be able to lay my hands on a high-quality copy finally.

    I’m so not impressed with the so-called “photo booklet” that comes with the normal edition. It’s basically a lyrics booklet with a few photos – cover shots of the “Gekka” single and “Shaker” album, leftover shots from the “Unbalance…” session, etc. Well, I should’ve known better.

  9. Hi James,

    Yes, I did. I also ordered the same for Anthony. As he points out, it’s almost like our “duty” to provide Akina her monthly income. Haha.

  10. still have no idea whether i’ll buy. like you guys, the songs are nothing new.
    wouldn’t have thought about not buying it even if there was only one new song (like the ballad best)..
    the booklet seems not good at all..
    but i quite enjoy the true live show, kinda annoying huh…

  11. Ray, like you, I wouldn’t buy it to collect or for the sake of the CD. I haven’t even spun it once and to tell the truth, I think I only watched one song from the Ballade Best DVD. Just wasn’t too interested.

    I started playing the True Live DVD while surfing the net, and singing along to the first few songs because I have seen Tokyo Rose and Kazari before on Youtube, and I thought to myself, “What a waste of money.” Then, “Gaia” started and I was sucked in. I stopped to watch and realised why I love Akina so much. She has that mesmerising quality about her which is only present in true superstars.

    BTW, I met a Japanese DJ (Ms Julie) last week who was down from Japan for the Mardi Gras, and she was the back DJ for Akina when she performed the song “The Heat” on TV (Hey Hey Hey and Music Station). Since her English wasn’t very good and my Japanese probably worse, it was difficult trying to get more info about Akina from her.

    I soon learned that she was only in charge of mixing the sounds and music in the background while Akina sang. I braced myself for the worst possible critique of Akina and joked with my Japanese friend to ask her while I waited impatiently. She was full of praise, saying ”明菜さん、いいね”. So, she didn’t have too much contact with Akina but it was great that she recognised how good she was, and none of that diva attitude I was fearing.

    I haven’t finished the DVD because my partner isn’t a Jpop fan but he likes Akina, and I have to say that she had quite a bit of fun on songs like “TSURAI TSURAI” and her moves while she was back facing the camera with that slinky dress is so sexy. Its like “Look at my sexy back before Justin came to talk about it.”

    Then, came the touching moments with the ballads from 「La Alteracion」, an album I tried really really hard to like, but never did click with me. It made me appreciate the songs a lot more. I think the fresh appeal of the DVD are her performance of these album cuts because we are not sick of seeing them. Her performance of Tattoo is also the first or possibly the last that she has put in so much rigour. So, I feel that if the DVD was ever released in a sole format, it is a must buy. Her vocals are not in top fashion, but her dedication in that concert is extremely commendable.

    As much as I hate that hairdo and the costume for “Meu Amore” she has then, she changes her costume so many times I wonder if she spent her entire budget on that. It is also more artistic than I have seen in her latter concerts, so those fans who have not seen a high quality version, this is a good buy!

  12. JameZ, thanks for the sharing. i think i’ve played only one track from the Ballad Best DVD as well. I remember it was an attempt to see if the DVD worked well with my PC. LOL.

    By the way, I actually am still quite concerned with the rumor about Akina not having any concert tour again after the ‘Last Destination Tour’. Seems like Akina’s really not having plan on kicking off a new one yet?

  13. I tried to remember what Gaia was like in True Live.

    Is that the one that she’s in silver hair with skitr, which swinging one side to another? I love that.

  14. I just received my copy yesterday. I got the three CD set with the DVD. I absolutely love the DVD. I watched the DVD while ripping the CD’s to my MP3 player. I listen to most of my music on the MP3 player these days because my little Enka girl got me a Bose MP3 audio setup for Christmas. Between my poor MP3 skills and my American hardwares lack of Japanese recognition skills, I got all of my Akina music mixed up in one place. 90’s Best and Enka just do not mix well.

    I also bought the Ballads CD with DVD at the same time. After the 90’s Best DVD I was really let down by the Ballads DVD. I fell in love with Akina back when the music was originally released 25 years ago but I really like the way she has matured. Since the change has been so gradual, I never noticed how much the songs changed as her voice matured.

    The 90’s Best 4-pack is a great pick-up for any casual fan that does not have a complete Akina collection.

  15. Hmm, I just started listening to my copy and I’m a bit confused. Listening to Disc 2 made me notice that the SPOON-era tracks aren’t as crisp as my downloaded mp3s from SPOON. Kisei ~Never Forget~’s sound is even a bit uneven at times. The thing is, I had the same thing happen to me when I bought SHAKER+3 and compared the sound to my downloaded original SHAKER release. Quite the contrary, I was expecting the sound to be better in CD quality and with perhaps some remastering but instead the sound is a tad bit more muffled. Is this how the originals have always sounded? I wonder if I then just happened to download some fanmade “remasters” with better treble or something? :S

  16. Oh, and I also finally got Live Tour 2006, yay. That fall was great lol! Reading the explanation here, I always pictured her just like slipping a bit or something, but that’s like one really awkward looking fall haha! 😀

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