SINGLES 27 – 1982 ~ 1991

Thanks to Jerry, here’s a sneak peek at the goodies within this Best Collection CD first released on 30th November 1994 and then re-released as DVD Audio on 23rd October 2003.

Please note that only the CD Version contains the single covers. Here’s a recap of what Jerry indicated earlier:

“The prints are each slightly smaller than the size of a CD. Basically, they come in four strips of paper that unfold to reveal the original single covers, with lyrics printed on the reverse side (7 cover images per strip, with the exception of the first one which has 6 images and a cover page). Though this compilation was released in 1994, I didn’t get mine till 2002 when I was in Tokyo with Kenthony to see the Musica Fiesta concert. I had no idea that these prints were included in the package and I only got it for the sake of completing my collection. Kenthony rushed out the next day and got himself a copy too.

While we are on the subject on sound quality, this compilation also comes in DVD-Audio format:

It plays on normal DVD players as well and the sound quality is excellent (192kHz/24bit with the right equipment). It’s pretty cool: the corresponding image of the single cover displays on screen when each track is played. However, this edition does not come with the miniature prints like the CD edition.”

Aren’t they pretty!! I wonder what Warner will think of the sudden surge in sales for this collection because this is a great way to look at all her covers up close, if you don’t have the money to get them all.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

12 thoughts on “SINGLES 27 – 1982 ~ 1991

  1. Many many thanks to Jerry. Looks like I will get this one, but now I have to decide whether to get the CD or DVD version. It would be perfect if the DVD version comes with the CD cover. This one is definitely better than ‘Recollection. Kiki Chan, will you get this one?

  2. I just went to the hmv website and found out the CD costs 3670 yen (discounted, original is 4507 yen), but the DVD only cost 3990 yen original price. Does it mean if I go to Japan and buy I will have to pay more for the CD than buying the DVD. What kind of pricing strategy is that? Why would a DVD cost more than a CD?

  3. Your hypothesis of the purchasing at store is correct, but you cannot guarantee that the store is going to stock that item, especially if it hasn’t been “sold” for a long time. The price of the CD being more expensive than the DVD has got to do more with its earlier release date than the actual product. Remember how expensive CDs were initially. I guess they know that buyers will be enticed by the special present within.

    If they re-released at CD at a reduced price at a new date, it will be cheaper. At this point, it hasn’t eventuated.

  4. After watching Akina’s wonderful performance in the concert on 90’s Best DVD, I think I’ll have to consider very seriously in buying this one, I really must buy it for the discography at the very least. Since I live in Los Angeles, and that HMV Japan does not ship the product to the U.S. (since I hardly read Japanese), I am afraid I’ll have to ask my friend at Hong Kong for a huge favor…….

  5. Dear Kiki,

    “Luen For” is so cute. He actually goes by “Ranbi” in Japanese , the fifth song from “Cruise”. I’m sure he will share the same sentiments too.

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