Where are you, 明菜ちゃん?

Akina Nakamori

It has been exactly 4 months since the release of 90s Best on 2/27. No news of Akina since then. What’s upcoming??

Some entries on the Japanese BBS (by a veteran Akina fan) suggest that the next newsletter should be out in the later half of July (I will add another 2 weeks to that as it is always delayed!). As I am thinking, there is practically no content for the next newsletter unless there are some announcement of new releases or at most 2 pages on the release of 90s Best. 1 Page on the Goods + 1 Page on the usual membership renewal.

I really hope that Akina is coming up with some interesting plans (eh…Enka part 2? I prefer a Kayou cover series or 80s JPOP covers….of course, nothing beats an original album…something close to STOCK ! =) Well, it has been a long while since VAMP has been updated and hope we can continue to keep this blog going with some news if not, some ideas about what may work well for Akina?? Perhaps someone or Akina herself may chance upon this blog and pick up our callings!

WHERE ARE YOU, 明菜ちゃん?!

Meanwhile, a rare clip that I found on youtube to share with all readers of VAMP:


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

16 thoughts on “Where are you, 明菜ちゃん?

  1. Ranbi – Thank you for a new post.

    I can only wish that Akina spent this quite time to restore her voice. I can wait as long as it will help Akina in long term.

    I don’t know why I start to have problem with youtube. I got this message ‘We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”. I wonder if it’s a US thing.

  2. Hi Patrick! Welcome back to VAMP!! I also hope that Akina is preparing for something….and also resting her vocals in preparation for another wave of memorable songs!

    The youtube link seems to work fine for me here in Singapore.

    This is the exact link:


  3. Its good to read a new post on this website – even if its saying there hasn’t been any news. 🙂

  4. Are those dreadlocks? Love the avant garde top half of the look but not so sure about the pants/bottom half of the outfit.

    Indeed, Thanks for this post. I guess we are just wondering what she has been doing since “Enka” till now. Creatively, nothing has eventuated from her camp, so it is rather puzzling. The dinner show doesn’t count because it is just a rehash of her old routines. If she is indeed resting her voice instead of chain smoking at home, then I am happy. I don’t think she is taking hard liquor as much now, so I hope she is happy playing housewife to some lucky man.

    Anything new from her, be it a new cover album or new material is good with me. Her covers are always either on par or superior anyway, so I love them regardless. The only ones I don’t like are covers of her singles. She should just leave them alone. Covers of B-sides or album cuts – that could be an interesting idea.

  5. Thanks for the post Ranbi.

    I am all for Enka 2. Throw in Enka 3 while you are at it. It is hard to find Enka that has smooth vocals. Every now and then, I hear some of the men belt out some nice Enka but not the girls.

    I like the avante garde outfit. It is nice the way the pants come out under the skirt. I would like to get my wife in that outfit (sans hat). Akina has a way of making that skinny body look good in all of the outfits she wears.

  6. Wonder if it’ll take all up till December to get a release from her (or even next spring). Well, hopefully she’s just being really picky about what to take on and not because nobody’s interested in working with her. ;P

    I don’t like the hat. It looks like she put on a bucket lol.

  7. Finally, I can see the video.

    I love the outfit. It’s very 80s for Jpop. I believe Seiko has a similar outfit for her farewell (to be married) concert.

    My guess is that outfit meant to be a flashy (Rock&Roll) version of airhostess/ Flight Attendant outfit. I love her classic ending post with slight move at the end. 🙂

    Akina – missing you…..

  8. Yupe, I really miss her new album… cant wait…
    I feel happy that i got her signature when she was in Taiwan in 2003. Although waited for long long time in the hotel lobby, but it worth..cant breath when she walked by in front of me (about 20 CM), only me and AKina and 3 body guards..telling the truth, I almost fainted…I had her signed on first album, she wrote down my name and love heart and many thanks.. to me it’s priceless in my personal collection…

  9. Wei! WOW, getting an Akina autograph! *FAINTZ* can you do a scan so we can share it? =))

    and thanks for the post, Ranbi!

    my hunch is she’s secretly working on a Disco Album. she’s going to re-emerge as the Disco Dancing Diva!

  10. It seems that Akina usually remains in a quiet mood as she has passed through many many experience in life.

    HOPE she is enjoying what she is doing.
    LOVE to hear that she is living well.
    THANKS to Akina who has been an important DIVA in our life…

    Although when we remember what she said in her Last Destination that she may leave the concerts forever, I still wish her to be herself even I feel a bit sad when I say that….

  11. Well, I was very closed to Akina (less than three feet away) at one time as well but I did not see her. Confurse?? Why??? This is the story.

    On my way home one day, there was a group of crowd with camera crew on the street in front of my apartment in Bangkok. I saw the Thai actress so I said to myself “these people are crazy to stand there a look at this actress. She’s not that interesting.” It was a hot day as always so I just hurried got into my apartment.

    A few months later, I rented a japanese video with Akina in it. It was either one or two parts serie. Well..well. The story was set in Thailand and, of course, one scene was between Akina with that Thai actress in front of my building street !!!!!!! On top of that, there was another scene, which Akina sat on a beach in front of my mother’s restaurant!!!!!

    Nope….I have not forgiven myself and not sure will be able to….


  12. I hope she does not come back as a disco, dancing, diva. Maybe she will come back as a techno, dancing, diva. Then she can come do a show in San Francisco.

  13. Oh wow, what show was that, Patrick? i’m so sorry you missed her. so near yet so far. i feel your pain. wait till i tell you what happened at the New Year Count Down. lol.

  14. It was one of those movie for TV. I used to have video in Thailand but my mo threw all video away after I came to US.

    Like I said, I had seen one program with Akina showing Singapore for an hour. What I remembered the most is a section, which she went to get foot massage and it was so painful and she was extremely funny in it.

  15. Thanks to Ranbi for the link, the video works fine here in the U.S. Akina’s choice of hat is really unimpressive in the video! : (

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