latest Akina news – ! –

Akina FC newsletter 2008

the latest FC newsletter is here. a summary of updates:

1. there should be a cover album (2 CDs at least)

2. Dinner Show schedule is out…last day @ yokohama X’mas ….no mention of any countdown…for schedule pls see ( link )

3. some new goods (new logo)


    Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

    9 thoughts on “latest Akina news – ! –

    1. Ooh, the embarrassedly face hiding diva finally speaks once more! It doesn’t give any hint of a schedule for the album? Could it make it December? I’d imagine she would want to have at least something new to present to the audience at the Dinner shows…

    2. Isn’t that what she wore during the Last Destination’s soundcheck which you see in the beginning of the DVD?

    3. Wow! Two CDs. I wonder what she is up to …

      I won’t hold my breath for a December release. I think there is too much competition then. She should release in the low peak periods, in the earlier months next year.

    4. OMG! I will be in Japan at that time.

      I need a big favor from VAMPiers….

      I will be in Kyoto on 12/2-12/7. I think I should be able to do 12/3 dinner show at Ishikawa.

      Do you think I can make it? Can anyone help guide me or help me on reservation??

      Please help!!

    5. 😦

      This is the first time that I’m not happy with the news.

      After reserching about the hotel and town for the December 3rd performance, I think it’s likely that I have to give up hope of attending. I’m pretty sure that this will stay in my mind during my Japan trip. But maybe not, I have two months to get over this.

      Maybe I don’t have luck and ability to see Akina in real life. This will be the second time that it’s so close for me to be able to make it but still not.


    6. I received my newsletter yesterday. Strangely, maybe due to my extremely low expectations, this newsletter offered me more solace than any of the others that I received. Maybe it is because there are more photos of Akina than usual, even though they were all taken in the studio.

      The funniest thing is that I “microscope” into whether there are any signs of cigarettes or lighters on the table near her, and the good thing is that there doesn’t seem to be any, and she looks rather healthy and happy. I am happy.

    7. Yah! She looked very genki in the newsletter. It’s ALOT better than the previous issue (that was the pits!). And she wrote 2 messages instead of one. The one on the last page was considerably lengthy! I dun think she’s ever written that much before.

      I like how her recording studio and set up was so bare. Just her, a chair, the mic, and a small cut out piece of carpet!! i think that’s to cushion her and reduce any noise coming out from her super high pumps when she moves around. so the carpet means mostly fast tracks then? HAHAHA.

      i dun understand her obsession with coming out with a new logo every 3 months (okay exaggeration) BUT the new logo is very nice, and up-to-date. unlike her previous few logos – so old school. my favourite logo was the A/N one on the Dear Friend single. that would have lasted till now and not look one pixel out of date!

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