Akina Nakamori Dinner Show 2008

Akina started her series of Dinner Show last night @  ホテル セント・カテリーナ宇多津


Section 1 : Recent hit medley
パープル系のチュニックにフレアパンツ(purple,tunic & flare pants)

1. The Heat~musica fiesta~
2. 落花流水
3. オフェリア
4. 愛撫
5. 花よ踊れ
6. 原始、女は太陽だった

Section 2 : ムード歌謡 section
衣装替えバンド演奏(黒のセクシーなドレス(金井克子系) ( a sexy black dress)
1. コモエスタ赤坂
2. 面影
3. 他人の関係
Section 3 : The usual Hits medley
–> TRENCH COAT AGAIN!! + tank top + pants 
(Mostly DD version except Appetite and 十戒)
3. ミ・アモーレ(Meu amor e・・・)
4. 飾りじゃないのよ涙は
5. 十戒(1984)
6. TANGO NOIR(タンゴ ノアール)
7. 少女A
8. DESIRE -情熱-
On another news :  


Akina’s dinner show @ Hotel New Otani Tokyo is SOLD OUT!!

4 thoughts on “Akina Nakamori Dinner Show 2008

  1. Only 3 new songs? And opening with THE HEAT! My worst nightmare. LOL. She really needs to stop wearing Trench Coats. She thinks she’s Dick Tracy.

  2. I am very puzzled by this song list again.

    The 3 new songs are from an likely ムード歌謡 アルバム which has not been officially announced.

    And, Akina did not sing any songs from the upcoming FOLK SONGS cover album!?!

    I have no idea why she MUST sing THE HEAT!?!

    I am really looking forward to some surprises @ the New Otani Tokyo show…hopefully she sings songs from the FOLK SONGS album as it will be 2 days from the official release date…

    on the other hand, I really hope she had included 帰省、乱火、薔薇一夜….

  3. Yes, only three new songs. I was hoping for at least six. She should skip or shorten the first section and sing new songs instead. There are always fans attending for the first time, so the last section will always entertain. I think she also has a contract with the suit makers, or are they left over from the “Fin” series.

    Indeed very strange that she didn’t sing any songs from the folk songs. Do you think she is testing the fanbase with the mood kayou songs? It’s a real departure from her style and Omigod!!! Mood Kayou so obiang (old fashioned) … like Night Club
    singer (read: not cabaret)!!! Not awful, but Akina … please do not
    wear your hair up, a cheongsam and feathers when you are singing these
    songs … Watch these songs on youtube:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzEca2Sxyyw (日本レコード大賞企画賞昭和48年(1973)。- She is 金井克子, so that must be what they are referring to. Her movements are so funny and the four backup singers behind)

    Lastly, Congratulations to her. Her tactics not to hold any concerts or make any appearances worked for her Tokyo dinner show! Hope her voice is in top condition!

  4. Thanks for the research, James. I had no idea that 面影 is actually that famous ending song from G Men 75. I used to love that show when I was very young.

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