Treasures of Yesterday …

I just found these treasures which I am sure many of you, especially Ranbi, will be very excited about. I am amazed to be seeing them for the first time even though I have been an Akina fan for about 25 years.

Here are some backstage scenes of Akina at where else, but 紅白 … Since my Japanese is so poor, maybe Ranbi or someone more adept can have an attempt at translating what she said. I really enjoyed looking at the guy singing Meu Amore too as he is dancing and how quickly Akina picked it up. Genius! Enjoy!

(1) Kinku

There is another link for the longer version of this without the press conference but it cannot be embedded. Here is the link:

(2) Meu Amore


7 thoughts on “Treasures of Yesterday …

  1. WOW~ This is fantastic and thank you for posting this.

    This is the kind of material that many Akina’s fan love to have it in DVD format.

  2. Awesome footage. that guy has some other very rare gems, mostly unembeddable. check them out.

  3. kinku video

    announcer: 4 days before kohaku, akina bares the pain as she rehearses.

    akina: thank you everyone for caring about me. I will be more strong next time so it will be alright.

    announcer: than at the night of the show.

    akina: why do I have to wear these shoes… don’t I look like a stripper?

    announcer: and on stage, without showing the pain she continues to dance.

  4. meu amore video

    announcer: and here is akina’s dance scene

    akina: well, everyone’s performance is so perfect for kohaku. so I think I should do my best with my whole image. Since I’ve always did grand performances, the producers said that If I was to do somethign more simple, my image would drop. Since everyone had taken so much effort to make this routine, I’ve gotta give it my all

    announcer: akina is being very serious about her performance

  5. onigiri_kun – Thank you very much for the translation. This really helps me appreciate these video to the next level. I miss those old days and they are truely a beautiful chapter of my relationship with Akina. 🙂

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