Blue Ocean (Intoxicating Blue Remix)


okay this is one of my favouritest songs ever from her, and i must say i’m really excited to share the reworked version. it’s REALLY FUN!!! =) stay tuned!

alright, here you go guys! hope you like it. i rate this up there together with the BILITIS and IMTS remixes. gave it an updated twist, and made the song more fun! hope this lasts you all the way until i return. MERRY X’MAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Akina fans! i’ll be reporting about the X’mas Dinner Show from Tokyo. until then, BLAST THIS!!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

13 thoughts on “Blue Ocean (Intoxicating Blue Remix)

  1. OMG!! Me too. Absolutely one of my favourite “pick me up” songs. I am still crying over why she didn’t select this as a single cut.

  2. thanks dannybunny, can’t wait to listen to it! i only started listening to akina since the balance+unbalance album. which Akina’s album(s) from the warner era would you guys recommend for me as a starter to her music in that period?

  3. Oh wow, Warner Era? Too many!!!

    1. Crimson (evergreen fan fav and lauded as one of the best albums in jpop history)
    2. Cruise (recorded in Hit Factory, suicidal album)
    3. Stock (Most excellent rock album, all tracks were reserves for Single releases)
    4. Femme Fatale (take up a new fashion, or so she says!)
    5. Fushigi/Wonder (when creativity meets audacity)
    6. D404Me (you gotta get this just for Blue Ocean, and Star PIlot!)

    hope that helps!

  4. This is one of the more memorable D404 tracks that I enjoyed when I was a teenager.

    Great to see other fans love it too…

    Thanks for remixing.

  5. Ray, you’ve gotta get “Bitter & Sweet” too. It’s really the beginning of her maturity as a singer. All the songs in the album are really good, and a HK Magazine 好时代, which I don’t know if many of you remember, gave it the highest rating an album could receive, half a star extra than they gave D404ME.

  6. Thanks buddies. Will start lookin for the albums you guys recommend! Hope I’ll get some bargain out there! ;P

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