Folk Akina Daily Oricon Chart

12/22: 第11位
12/23: 第16位
12/24: 第15位
12/25 : 第16位


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

6 thoughts on “Folk Akina Daily Oricon Chart

  1. there is still no tracks to dl on the internet!!! I am dying here!!
    my order is not coming for another week….

  2. Ha!
    I am waiting patiently for mine =)
    Can you believe it? HMV Japan has the regular edition on back order.
    Nice to hear they are selling like hot cakes!
    Bad news for me!

  3. the weekly chart for this time will be based on 2 weeks’ sales as it is end of the year. It is gonna be more tough for 歌姫 so she has to have consistent sales to keep it up!

    To Jen : Hope you will get it soon! It is really a gem!

  4. I am not sure I like this album Yet, (another cover version album), I am looking forward a brand new album. However, her voice is certainly very good this time, but her low register seems a bit weak. I wonder why?

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