newspaper (22/12/08)


special thanks to my japanese friend who brought this to the DS for me. どうも有り難うございました!


5 thoughts on “newspaper (22/12/08)

  1. Lack of marketing. Horrible cover art and rather aimless concept. Lame DVD content for limited edition. and as always, good music need not translate into good sales.

  2. Yes, Danny is correct. No marketing whatsoever, and Akina doesn’t appear on the media to plug the album. Seiko keeps appearing on TV but her music stinks, so it’s understandable why it doesn’t sell. I wonder why Akina doesn’t appear on TV more. Does one have to get invited or is her media manager (who may be on a casual basis), not doing their job?

    Hopefully, she may be able to sell more of it at the venue if she has a “Folk Song” concert.

  3. Akina had two CDs hitting the top 10 in 2007 (enka and utahime best), which is not bad when compared with other 80s idol. The problem with ‘Folk Akina’ is disappointing sales in the 2nd week. Because it is released in the year end which oricon combined two weeks sales in a weekly countdown, many mega hits in 2008 had a sales rebound (due to yearend awards) in the second week. If the CD is released in a regular week, it would be a Top 20 hit based on weekly ranking. I am listening to it everyday and track no. 2 & 6 are my favourites. I agree good music need not translate into good sales instantly. Let’s hope Akina will have a ‘Folk Akina’ concert and released ‘Folk Akina’ vol 2. And let’s hope vol. 2 will follow the success of Utahime Vol.2

  4. That is true too, Benjamin. Since Akina did not appear in Kohaku or any of the new year programs, it is “natural” that sales were relatively “non-existent” in the second week.

    I just released that Mood Kayou is considered as a form of “Folk Music” too, so Folk Akina Vol 2 will be the Mood Kayou songs that she recorded at the same time.

    I wonder if the arrangement will return to the Sen Akira glamour or will she stick to this acoustic style. I believe it should be the latter, especially if the rumours for the concert are true.

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