Feeling The Heat


hee hee. it’s official – i now like this song. i’m so psyched about this. fresh from the oven. so will get this posted before Unsteady Love!! 😉

not sure how many Sex And The City fans are there in the house, but i am a HUGE one. =) so it was a super treat when Akina opened her 2008 X’mas Dinner Show with “Labels and Love” (by Fergie of Black Eye Peas), and then lo and behold, she dived straight into The Heat!!!

i must ‘fess up that i HATED that song when it was released, it wasn’t particularly a strong track in my opinion. it being the first single release with Universal Japan, i had expected something with more oomph. i mean the song is ok, but i felt the tempo was a tad sluggish… listening to it, i kept waiting for explosions, but it just fizzled and fizzled and fizzled…. the loud bang didn’t quite appear. of course any lil pleasant aural experience that was left was completely massacred by that legendary big budgeted embarrassing music video bomb (both versions, thank you!). after that, this song was shoved into the dark corners of my Condemned Cupboard (okay but i know Auntie Suzy loves this track and has been on her replay for years!).

when i found out she was opening the DS with The Heat, i rolled my eyes more than Gillian Chung did when Edison Chen gave her… er, The Heat. but i must say, i was extremely perky when she first used the SATC OST as house music (when we were getting seated and digging into our fine French chi chi cuisine) and followed up with that aforementioned SATC Movie Theme Song Intro which led into The Heat very cleverly. omg, is Akina a fan of SATC herself!!? which is her favourite character? is it the same as mine – Miranda? does she identify herself with Carrie? in her 40s and still searching for elusive love?

anyway, in tribute to all SATC fans, i’ve been thinking alot about recapturing that kickass combo since we returned. we feel this is the strongest remix till date. we hope this will be a pleasant lil gift to all those who attended the DS, to relive those moments, and for those who missed it, hey, there’s always VAMP!!

here’s to getting Carried away! 😉


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

4 thoughts on “Feeling The Heat

  1. Omg I’m Really Expecting About This.
    😀 I Like The Song, But This Time Your RMX Image Talks Itself’

  2. Great Work!! This is a vast improvement (sorry Suzy). Love the intro and the SATC ending.

    Like you, I was disappointed with the single and who wasn’t with the MTVs, which was embarassing considering how much hype there was, and a new video release after such a long time.

    My disappointment with this single cut is that I personally felt that the first three tracks off the Resonancia album were so much stronger than this. Either one of them would have made it bigger, in my opinion.

    As for Akina being a SATC fan (and I am a big fan too), I don’t know if she is mentally as strong as Miranda because I think deep down, she’s more a cross between Carrie and probably Charlotte. No points for guessing who Seiko resembles most.

    Now, I can’t wait for Unsteady Love …

    P.S. Have you watched the Golden Girls. John and I are currently hooked on it, enjoying at least one big belly laugh every episode. It’s so pre-SATC, and you see every character except Carrie.

  3. Thanks, Danny. A great improvement on the original – at least you can actually dance to this one. BTW, Miranda is my favourite SATC character too – I like her sarcasm and all. Samantha is funny too but, how should I put it, a tad too obvious.

  4. hey Jerry!!! glad to see you back in action. hope you’re feeling much better now. =))

    yay, you Miranda fan too! 2 classic moments which totally sealed my love for her – the episode where she went on a retreat with Steve and she had to sneak out to call Carrie on the phone in the forest and was worrying if Steve would jump outta the woods and have sex with her for the Nth time!! the other one was when she ate cake from the rubbish bin and called Carrie. HILARIOUS!!!

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