Trust Me (Forever Mix)


Trust Me is an extremely moving song for me personally… perhaps it’s the climbing violins… or perhaps it’s cos the song was released during Akina’s most desolate period of her career. the single moved a dismal 5000 copies, and peaked at a poor 57. it also marked her last official/single release from GAUSS Entertainment (the album “Will” wasn’t really endorsed by her). the single didn’t have a proper cover. it was a stark black, with a gray label and simple white text. i remember picking up the single at Tower Records. plugged into it right away on my discman (yes! discman back in that era!)… and the notes and her beautiful delivery filled my ears, my soul, my whole being, when i was on the escalator… i loved it, but at the same time, i couldn’t help feeling a maudlin tide wash over me… will Akina ever stop singing? will she foresake her fans? who will fill my soul again?

i’m dedicating this remix to all the Akina fans (yes you) who’ve never forsaken her. and to Akina herself, who never stopped singing. Trust. you can’t buy that, right?

here you go, guys. LOVE YOU AND FOREVER, AKINA!!!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

4 thoughts on “Trust Me (Forever Mix)

  1. I recall that I stood at HMV Heeren, where the 3inch singles are located on the same shelf. Seeing this single (as compared to the previous Ophelia), the cover is definitely a letdown. However, the picture on the back of the single was pretty artistic (from Tomodoi I believe). I waited for weeks for this single to arrive at our shores…

    Listening to this track, certainly, struck a chord with me and I could immediately identify it as a part 2 to Meu Amore (latin flavor). Certainly, I like it! even till today.

    This single did brought us worries as what Daniel has wrote. Having no record company at that point of time, I thought it was really the end of it. Nevertheless, I guess it is merely a transition to the new period in Akina’s singing career. And now we have, the Utahime cover queen!

    I look forward to the remix!

  2. i love Trust Me and Ophelia, her 90s house tunes. in fact, a lot of her 90s music is excellent – Vamp, Shaker, Will, Unbalance+Balance, Utahime, and those sentimental singles (Kisei, Tomadoi, Konya Nagareboshi…). i listen to these all the time, they have surpassed the massive 80s stuff that i have become a little too old for.

  3. Thanks Patrick!!

    I hope these remixes mean you can relive the older songs once again, Suzy. hang on for DESIRE. i’m saving the best for last.

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