BOO!!! OMG, the attack of the quintessential Akina fan!

at the request of the owner of the images, they have been respectfully removed. i apologise for any grieve i may have caused to the tripartite gang comprising of the owner, Akina herself, as well as the other Akina fans – whatever pathetic number is left standing anyway. with the closed-economy mentality that continues to plague Akina and her legion of fans, i’m not surprised her career continues to nosedive.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

28 thoughts on “rare

  1. uhmm…the IMTS one I dun have. There’s quite a couple more of such limited promotional EPs…

    (1) Liar
    (2) Cross my palm
    (3) Cruise
    (4) East Live

  2. Ooh, she even had a separate release for Farewell and Foggy Relation! Now I really don’t understand how she’s managed to omit the latter from her live sets till this day. It’s such a nice tune grr!!

  3. I got Kenthony a couple of these for his birthday last year. I had no idea thay existed till I came across an online store for second-hand Japanese records.

  4. Yes, we can see those rare records from Japan yahoo auctions. too, I have that red cover in cassette tape.

  5. Please noted that all photos are prohibited to show at public web site. It’s only share with friends within facebook. Please delete it as soon as possible if you don’t have the authorization from me.

    Thank you.

  6. Please remove those photos as above as you did not get the approval from webiste master !!!! thank you

  7. you guys gotta be kidding right? oh no, i think you are serious cos that’s almost like a trademark of Akina fans right? sure, no biggie. images removed and we can take our own photos. *yawn + rolls eyes*.

    the behaviour of overtly protective (read: selfish) Akina fans continue to befuddle me. maybe we should start banning IPs cos the posts here are meant to be private. DUH. I rest my case.

  8. what a good excuse !!! did u ever ask ? oh no …” Akina fans continue to befuddle me.”
    think about it before ask , it is a good way for you to grow up !!!

  9. this appears more to be a proprietory issue for you more than anything else, which is okay by me, and fair enough, i apologise for nipping the pictures for a harmless display (i did attribute where the photos were found and stopped short of linking to the FB account cos it’s not a public platform. i didn’t make those images mine, if i could i would link).

    in an ideal world, all it takes is for a fan to say “hey, those are my photos. i’m glad you’re sharing them over here with the rest of the fans. i do have a website, can you link to it and give proper accreditation?” instead of the miserly behaviour – that’s what befuddles me. i believe there’s no excuse needed for that.

    in any case, i no need no lecture from a fan of questionable calibre. your photos will never be used again, but in the spirit of the opposite spectrum, feel free to hit our site.

  10. I am so sorry that you still don’t understand what was happen ! those photos are not shown on public album ,all under personal account and personal album , think about it ,if your personal album being attacked and those photos were published in other website ,will u feeling good ?
    On the other hand , I am so appriciated all of you sharing all good stuffs ,however the main point is : ” did i get it with respect ? why don’t u drop a line to ask for ? i think it is a basic stuff for everyone to learnt how to respect ”
    I have no intention to attack your site . i didn’t and never do that . because i know what is the meaning of ” respect ” and i am not a childish guy as well .

  11. Ricky, no probs. It was a classic case of net-misfires. i have apologised for what i should and i’d like to move on. i hope you realise i mean no harm nor disrespect – there’s absolutely no pleasure i would derive from that. my only objective was to share more excitement with fans to sustain our devotion towards Akina, and in the process, hopefully convert new fans. with such rare shots and items you have in your bag, i could hardly fathom a reason why they wouldn’t be shared with more Akina fans who do not have half your luck in obtaining them. still, i was presumptious to dip into your cookie jar and share your cookies with the rest. i think you misunderstood what i meant by “hit” – it means you’re welcome to patronise VAMP.

    if you’d excuse me, i’ve gotta go bake my own cookies now.

  12. Danny – I want to see all your STUFF! 🙂

    (patrick, who tries to lighten up everyone but not sure if it will come across that way)

  13. aw, sad to see the pictures gone. was cool too see those rare records.

    maybe this video will cheer everyone up!

    best 10 perf of solitude, check the very end, akina is soo cute!!!~

  14. Patrick – stay tuned! Coming up soon!
    Daniel – We know what we are doing, if not, there will never be VAMP.
    To the rest – If there is anything that we ever want to do here, it is just merely the sharing of Akina’s music to the WWW. and we are proud of it. =) Never bothered by the insignificant details =p

  15. sharing + respect = wonderful (agreed)
    no sharing = cold world ( amazing !!! )
    will u share your love to others ???

    The worst behaviour
    stole photos from others without permission = thief (not sharing )
    proud of stole photos from others = VAMP

  16. I did not want to put my opinion at first because I thought I will let it go. However, I think I have to now.

    Like Danny said, he has admited that what he has done ‘Technically’ is not right.

    However, in practic, it’s very common in this world wide web world now. I must say unless you live in a OLD world, this shold not be a surprise or extremely effensive to you. We all live in a speed of light information. Many bloggers (if not majority) shares many photo and link and items from another bloggers or site. If the original owner is not happy, they can ask for them to be taken down and that’s it. no need for trash talking.

    The world is in a very strang state right now. Let’s share a little love, understanding, forgiving instead of trash talking and hate building.


  17. Patrick
    However, in practic, it’s very common in this world wide web world now. I must say unless you live in a OLD world, this shold not be a surprise or extremely effensive to you. We all live in a speed of light information. Many bloggers (if not majority) shares many photo and link and items from another bloggers or site. If the original owner is not happy, they can ask for them to be taken down and that’s it. no need for trash talking. (agreed )

    Then why don’t he get the permission in advance and just copied those photos from owner ?? it is easy to contact the owner and just ask ( This is the main point )

    p.s I don’t know all of you even the owner of photos

  18. wow, if only arithmetic equations can explain everything, we’d have less anally retentive people plodding on this planet.

    1. my sharing of love of Akina with others is evident in itself and requires no further proof. and perhaps it’s cos i have so much i wanna share and possibly too eager – that in itself has become a pitfall, no? what, i am now a thief?

    2. as i have mentioned, what befuddles me is why it’s necessary to get overtly protective (and selfish) over some product shots? if they were shots with faces, identities, i’d understand the brahaha. not excusable nonetheless that i haven’t seeked blatant permission, and for that i have apologised, the images duly removed. but if you’d indulge me in the initial misfire on my part – for goodness sake, these are only product shots. in principle, yes, they are not mine. but the Internet is an open economy and allows for a different gameplay. this whole episode really shows there’s a whole lot of human revolution that mankind needs to go through. now i know how not to assume that all fans may be steadfast with sharing nor harbour the best interests for their idol.

    3. i think it’s best to keep this episode between myself and the owner of the product shots. i believe the last exchange has closed the topic.

    4. 波仔, correct me if i’m wrong, but i don’t think i should take you seriously. the last 3 comments left by “波仔”, “Down Syndrome Singaporean” (thank you, but i’d think twice if i were you. think of the karma), and the funniest of the lot “乱火” – all stemmed from the same range of IP address.

    IP: –

    i can easily run a WhoIs verification. i’d prefer for you not to stir the shit. if you’re patronising this site, and listening to the remixes (i’d be surprised if you weren’t), at least have the decency not to call people names, and discredit our efforts. assuming multiple identities may be fun. but you need to be a bit smarter.

    5. i could ignore your cat-calling but your ignorance cannot be. bootleg and fan-made remixes are the pride and joy (sorry, too good to pass on that pun!) of many fan bases, and progressive artistes like Bjork, Madonna, Moby encourage and indulge their fans to showcase their talents, thereby spreading the good works further. if you thought we profited from the first release of REVAMP, oh you couldn’t be more wrong. the CD actually costs to produce and print, nevermind the hours put into it. isn’t it ironic how it now appears that a free buffet is a birthright of an Internet user?

    6. as a most sincere gesture, i’d like to REITERATE my apology to Ricky for this episode. for wrongly assuming many things.

    thanks to those who’ve spoken up for me. i really appreciate it and believe it’s all written in the words.

  19. 做錯事還要賴皮, 你真的比那些蘿蔔頭還要自大呀. 你偷了明菜的音樂, 改頭換面後還拿出來賣, 你究竟有沒有得到華納和環球的授權呀? 我會去日本那邊反映, 看看你有沒有作出違規的事情.

  20. Same IP range again: i take it as a confirmation that each of those comments were made by you then? Classy.

    I think you’re intent on making this personal and seeking perverse pleasure in sabotaging this site by robbing the other fans’ enjoyment. Please be my guest. it’ll be interesting to see who’s gonna be stoned.

    Anyhow, I am pleased to inform that we have sent a copy of the remixes (including those not posted yet) to Akina’s Fan Club to hand it to Akina as a personal gift from Akina fans. I hope she’d be pleased we love her music so much we pooled together our passion and talents for the project. If we do hear from her management that they’d rather us not do this, we would duly remove them and keep them for personal enjoyment. After which we could use that opportunity to discuss about remixing for her legitimately. I believe she needs a good remixer and we’d be more than willing to do it pro bono for her. =) Anything for Akina. Whatever the outcome, we will definitely still be remixing thereafter, except then we won’t be sharing. If that happens, it’ll ultimately be the fans’ loss.

  21. First I would like to say that I really appreciate the time, effort and money spent by the dedicated and generous Akina fans who run this site! Without them I would not have been introduced to the wonderful world of this amazing artist.

    On a general note, the issue of remixes and sharing pictures, etc, I would like to say I have heard some wonderful remixes over the years, most often not created for commercial gain but by dedicated fans of those particular artists. In fact these remixes have helped bring forgotten artists, or ones whose careers have past they heyday back to the attention of the public and help revive their careers. I think its a wonderful thing that the internet can be used as a platform to help enhance a musicians appeal to audiences new and old. Without the internet, youtube and other means of electronic transferring data there are countless numbers of people who would not have been able to share with others the amazing creations by artists old and new alike. Its been proven that artists who have not embraced the digital age have suffered flagging careers and I think its a wonderful generous tribute that there are still true fans out there, who, no matter what, are prepared to put their own time and energy in sharing with the rest of the world which ultimately helps an artist. Read an interesting article recently which mentioned how CD sales had increased for musicians who had allowed their music videos to be kept on YouTube, if nothing else an artist creates music to be heard by as many people as possible. I find it very contradictory when someone who purports to be a fan of an artist feels they have the ‘right’ to that artists images or music and they go out of their way to prevent others having some joy and fun seeing or listening to tracks. If anything, this type of ‘fan’ is the one who helps destroy any chance of an artists career being revived or the hope of new fans being able to discover artists from another era.

  22. The power of love …

    that makes one say the loveliest and craziest things
    that makes one do the most powerful and destructive acts
    that makes one possessive or recognise the freedom in sharing.

    … to each his own.

    Though everyone has the right and the freedom of speech, we hope to do so in the spirit of love, and any hatred should be removed because they are like tumors that grow and destroy.

    I seriously do not see how remixing her music will infringe in any copyright laws unless we offer it as a download or we sell them, as our new friend has suggested. As you can see, we have never done it, and it is not as if everyone who uses youtube to promote an artiste’s work should be sued. If so, then we will see many of our Japanese and Chinese counterparts in too many lawsuits, it will be too tough to handle.

    Maybe our friend should indeed tell or better still sue, so that Akina will appear in the papers again, and then we will have more to talk about, and then maybe more fans will wonder what her music sounds like, and we will have another revival. Hallejuah! What a great idea. We will let you take full credit for this. None of our VAMPires or our readers will fight you for this honour.

    I also seriously wonder if selling her goods second hand after ripping them is considered to show respect to the artiste and the company who makes millions out of exploiting them in the first place. Enuff Said.

  23. OMG. Using the nick 乱火 ?! I would engage in more creativity in the multiple identities. maybe 火乱. LOL. I guess creativity (was there any to start off with) must have ran out from the chap that trying so hard on the “so-creative” comments. Try harder. There are loads of Akina song titles to try on, dude.

  24. The mudslinging has migrated to the Akina Group on Facebook. I think this saga may not end until perverse pleasure for one person can be derived from:

    1. The shutting down of this website
    2. I get thrown into jail for promoting Akina
    3. I get stoned by the legion of fans for sharing 4 product shots of records without first asking for permission.

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