hey guys, so here we go, a major rework of what is undisputably one of Akina’s most adventurous sounds (Fushigi being another winner) which still sounds great after what like… 13 years? woohoo! we’ve brought it upon ourselves for the ultimate challenge – doing a NON-STOP MEGAMIX of her 1996 EP release VAMP with MCA Victor. that EP drips with style and chilly vampishness (you gotta love the flippant concept of doing only 4 songs sassily wrapped up in a gorgeous packaging/image). i personally rate it as one of my proudest Akina moments (so much so i bought 2 copies, one still sealed in mint condition). heck, we even named this blog after the album!! that’s how much i love da arubamu.

so, it was difficult fusing the 4 tracks together cos they have very vast differences in BPM (speed of the song) – Metropolitan Blue (so chill!) vs Crescent Fish (so James Bondy!) vs Egoist (so sassy!) vs Pride & Joy (so fierce!) – but but but – the impossible feat was done except DJan now has to retire for a while due to Akina overdose and bleeding ears. the resulting megamix stands at 21 minutes and 37 secs. it’s so long, YouTube and FaceBook (both have a 10 min cap) wouldn’t take them, so i’ve dished out my arsenal – a network i created some months ago (but i’ve kept hush hush about it cos i didn’t have time to set it up properly and couldn’t see a need to launch it… until now). now this network allows large video uploads, so you’ll have to follow the link below to view the video and listen to the remix.

expect rare remixes, images (including wallpapers) and video footages to be uploaded onto the network – think of it as a Goodie Depot! – but in order to access them, you’ll need to become an approved member or have an invitation. i’ve already uploaded quite a few remixes by DJ Suzy (some of which were never released in the first bootleg REVAMP album we did years ago – anyone remembers that? if not, you’re in for a treat then!). the other advantage is cos it’s a closed network, the videos uploaded will not get eradicated like they do on YouTube. this doesn’t mean that i’ll stop uploading stuff onto the YouTube Channel. spreading Akina’s good name and works requires a multi-prong approach. hee hee.

right now, the “RE!VAMPED” video has been set to viewable by Public, so you can view it even if you don’t have an account. i’ll switch it off to Private mode after 3 days restricting access. oh look mommy – i can have my own cookie jar too!

so if you’re ready and have set aside 21 minutes, please lower down your lights, put on your headphones/speakers, and blast this. a cigarette as a tribute to the album would be cool but optional. we know what killed Akina’s voice so i’d suggest better not! hahaha. hope you guys enjoy the ride. =) and let us know what you think. getting comments and encouragement will spur us to create more works. it’s alot of hard work and sometimes i look at the pathetic 2 comments and think no one cares, and then we feel like throwing in the towel. yes, we need some lovin’ so remember to send some over after listening to it. =))



Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

17 thoughts on “RE!VAMPED MEGAMIX

  1. Very nice…. i did spot JJ’s Don’t Stop at 12.13 and 14.30. I don’t really know this Don’t Stop.

    I love this remix becasue it sounds very organic with all the songs. If we don’t know the original songs, It can be easily mistaken as original version.

    VAMP is indeed a great milestone for Akina and your special VAMP gave it an additional dimension to it.

  2. didn’t expect something of this magnitude!! great work! i think this is the perfect thing to show to people who never heard akina, and convert them ;D

  3. Ah yes, I can already see Akina’s sales plummeting because of Danny’s free remixes here… oh no wait, this isn’t the 80s anymore?

    But then again Akina fans must be those of highly trained psychic mind readers who can tune to Akina’s introverted “let’s keep everything inside”-promotion. Ah I know, that’s why she’s been so successful!

    Oh no, the Internet had nothing to do with me becoming a fan. I love my sudden psychic surges of previously completely unknown fandom! Screw fan-made promotion, I can freaking read minds!

  4. Thanks MG! I needed that. But I’m afraid your cerebral inverted prose may be lost on “the others”. you know, they can be real thick up there.

    Wait, you’re MoogleGoogle, and also MuffinCoffin? =)

  5. Danny, yes I am lol. I just got bored of being recognised as MoogleGoogle everywhere where I had joined. Dunno if MuffinCoffin’s any better though, just a change. 😛

  6. it’s been on my ipod looping around and around! It’s kinda hard to have a clearmind with the remix repeating in your head even after you take the earphones off… LOL

  7. I need to state this.

    I have been Akina’s fan since very early. However, there was a period that I stop buying her CD and started to grow apart from her because

    1. No update
    2. Very hard to find english information
    3. Poor material from Akina

    VAMPiers (Danny, Ranbi, Jamez, and others) played a big part to pull me and Akina back together. That’s why I appreciate all their hard work and often, feel guilty to keep asking for this and that without much contribution.

    VAMPiers: You can be proud of your contribution to support Akina. You guys don’t support by just buying one of her CD every release. But, you keep all her fan connected to her and keep her RELEVANT and not just some vintage pop star to be value by limited group of people only.

  8. Dear Patrick,

    Thank you so much for your lovely compliments. I must add that it will be incredibly boring without all your comments and inputs on whatever we share as well. The discussions, agreements, disagreements, all help add life and colour to VAMP, so Thank you all as well.

  9. Dan, why don’t everyone here start going round to all the other forums, fanclubs, etc of Akina and begin directing traffic here instead? I’m sure it’ll create some form of impact soon enough; and who knows, before long, you’ll probably get Akina herself to start checking out your site! The possibilities of the internet are kinda amazing these days… you’ll never know! 🙂

  10. DJan, that’s already happening with the saga over the 4 product shots. we’re seeing really high traffic this week! i guess that’s one good thing about controversies!

  11. geez… what’s going on over there? I was just passin’ by and read some real nasty remarks by some punk asses! Some sickening specimens that ought to be kept under glass I guess! damn! for a moment I thought my DJ community was bad enough! LOL! nite…

  12. DJan, nothing i haven’t seen being the net trooper for over a decade. there are always trolls with bags of negative energy they can’t wait to unleash. Causing misery to others justifies their existence and they feed on that.

    Nitey! And when you’re rested up, let me know! I got Korean song!!

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