here’s what’s in the pipeline next. tee hee! we’ve been holding back on this one for the longest time cos we think it’s the best and most exciting remixes we’ve done (i think we say that about every new remix we post). you know, this is almost like her SACRED SONG. the original is so good it’s too easy to spoil it. very sensitive territory we’re treading here… so very scared when we touched it! HAHAHA. i mean, even her remake for Best Finger was ew. but we “tested it” with a coupla fans and they absolutely loved it! stay tuned!

GEDAK GEDAK GEDAK BARIINAAAAA~! so here we go guys. spot the loops! for a higher quality video and audio, please join us at the VAMP Network (members only).


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

13 thoughts on “DESIRE (BURNING HEART MIX)

  1. didn’t realize that you kept this remix… almost forgotten about it. Went over the track once again and discovered it’s kinda dope actually. Yup, totally agree that it’s one of the better Akina remixes I’ve created since… 🙂 Hope the fans are having fun here, cheers!

  2. Dear Djan,

    Welcome to VAMP. I believe this may be the first I have seen you post a comment here.

    How can we thank both Danny and you enough for bringing us new surprises and rediscoveries with these Akina’s gems that both of you had lovingly created. Amidst these tougher days, not only with Akina’s lesser output, but also increased worries of our lives, these are sanctuaries for us to escape back into the fantasies of our lives, and relive the Akina groove that we experiended, during the golden days of all our (and Akina) lives.

    As HH has mentioned in a previous comment, both of you have opened up new worlds of opportunities for Akina to be discovered and experienced by scores of potential new fans and this is what VAMP is all about. We may not always have the most treasured photos, information, or gossip, but we will always have heart. I believe that is why there are so may Akina fansites out there still operating because we are all able to tap into an Akina niche, because of her versatility, and she needs our support, to show that there are all these talented people (like Danny, you and many other fans) all loving her, and wishing her well.

    Thank you for everything. Have a wonderful break and we would definitely love to see you again soon!

  3. O —– M —— G !!!!!!!!!!!

    I am psyched on this one!
    You guys are the best!

    (and I’m guessing the La Boheme coupling is gonna be attached to this?)

  4. DJan, you are DOPE!!! wait till they hear the Mystery Track (hereby codenamed M-track) which sent you prawning. but ssshhhh! top secret remix that one. hee hee.

    Jamez, thanks for the diplomatic round up. hahaha. i’m the resident biatch.

    Jen – glad you’re excited about this. haven’t heard from you for a while. please remember to feedback feedback. La Boheme, hmm… we’ll see about that! 😉

  5. yo Dan, actually how many more remixes are you still holding back? I lost count!?!

    And I’d suggest the “golden” remix to be embedded ‘mono’ instead, especially if you’re planning to let the whole world hear it… coz I seriously feel that should be reserved for extremely “special” people! Too much work went into that production, more than the megamix actually! Sadly, I’m still not her fan these days even after listening to more than 20+ tracks you sent… but I must admit she was my ‘goddess’ during my childhood days, I’ve always wanted a girlfriend that has the same resembling features! But oh well…. whatever. Sigh! Everybody have fun here… cheers to Akina then!

  6. 我聽到 “幣喇 ! 幣喇 ! 幣喇 ! 幣喇 ! 幣喇 “……………… xd..

  7. Onigiri-Kun – Thanks for the guess. I am keeping my mouth shut. HAHAHA. =)

    Avallega – Glad you’re digging it. =)

    Djan – I’ll only be posting the M Track on the Network. Not even here nor YouTube. It’ll definitely only be reserved for extremely “special” ones. =)) I hope one day you will be her fan AGAIN! But the endless remixes may not help cos you will overdose lah. HAHAHA.

    永遠的美少女聖子姐姐 – HAHAHAHA. I had to think which part you were referring to! But yeah. Baila Baila Baila.

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