Cute Akina

I was reading some of my usual Akina related blogs recently and a reference was made to this video. It can be a little difficult to watch but Akina really looks so cute there though she can be quite scary at times, especially the disbelief in her eyes when Kyon2 wins the challenge and plays it a little too rough.

You can tell that Akina hesitated hitting Kyon2 but when she realised that Kyon2 did not display the same reservation, she was a little hurt with disbelief, and then she starts playing rough too. I thought they both looked incredibly cute in this video, especially Akina.

I have never seen this before, which prompted me to think, “What will I do if I was Akina and my best friend in showbiz was standing opposite me in this game? Hope you enjoy it too.


4 thoughts on “Cute Akina

  1. I found on Youtube the TV show in which she is visiting tasmanian vineyards. Launch a search with “akina tasmania” and enjoy! (it is splitted in 9 parts or so)

  2. Super Cute!!!

    I could not imagine how I would have felt if I were straight. Way tooooooo cute!


  3. Patrick, it is quite difficult to imagine how is this not cute from the straight perspective. Interesting to know that the feelings are not too different after all.

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