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13 thoughts on “COMPLETE SINGLE COLLECTION – first ten years –

  1. Such a teaser, having the cover of silent love on the inside which of course is not included and albums covers which is not related to this release. The booklet better be good. I am only buying this for 2 or 3 missing songs (I bought the warner 30th anniversary boxset)…urghh!

  2. I think the front cover looks pretty good. Do I understand correctly that there will be commentary from sound engineer for each songs? That sounds very interesting if it will be really a background story.

  3. Oh no! More money to burn on Akina~~~
    I haven’t checked the price yet, but I’m sure it’s not cheap.

  4. Yes Patrick. That is the bit together with the 68 page photo booklet with promotional pics and alternate single covers that enticed me to make such a big investment. Jen, it is 8400 yen. Gulp.

    I hope Akina gets a share of the sales.

  5. new cover album!

    ムード歌謡 ~歌姫昭和名曲集
    2009.06.24 ON SALE
    UMCK-9283 \3,500(tax in)

  6. Anyone can comment on the sound quality? I heard this new re-mastering sounds even better than Akina Box.

  7. Dear All,

    Does any one get this box? My friend will help me to buy one from Japan today,But still want to know~What is exactly the BIG BOOK inside this box? Because it seems not so many special pictures inside? Thanks!!!

  8. I got mine, A-Li! The liner notes are very informative and is the main attraction of this release. You’ll learn alot of interesting tidbits about each single and the b-side – some confirming earlier rumours/hearsay, and some new information.

    but as far as layout, new pictures, packaging goes – please lower your expectations to the lowest possible.

  9. Dear Danny,

    Yours noted with thasnks!
    Any way, I still feel happy to have this box, even it looks a little bit expensive…HA!

    Beat Regards


  10. dannybunny…you were right about the packaging. I was expecting a thick cover booklet and a cheapy booklet. I wish the arrange each single’s writeup side-by-side with the lyrics…oh well…

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