Covers for Upcoming Releases

Here are the covers. The normal press cover for Folk Akina 2 is rather pleasant. I love her big shades. =) The limited edition cover – i like the idea, and the illustration of Akina’s mouth (the teeth stayed true to their real form! haha). the illustration is a popular style employed on guitar albums often (refer to Depapepe covers). but the guitar can’t be superimposed in a worse manner!

the DVD cover – another one of those cropped photos. they should have touched up the saggy chin/left cheek a lil.

the title of Folk 2 worries me.

i dun want anymore sappy, draggy, over-depressed songs.





Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

10 thoughts on “Covers for Upcoming Releases

  1. I’m very confused by the artistic choice. There are not connection between the two CD covers. The limited version is very unprofessional looking in my opinion. The fonts for all three covers are ZERO artistic. I will end my opinion here because I find it became pointless. Sorry to be negative but these covers upset me.

  2. Patrick, I am with you for the part on the FONTS. Completely ZERO artistic value. The normal version picture would have be more attractive with better usage of FONTS. Same goes with the DVD.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if that limited edition now comes with a bonus track because I can’t picture people wanting to buy that version just because of the image and Akina’s half-assed making-of video material. Unless of course she comes out and announces “Hey, I drew that! コレクタ’s ジェム!!11!!1!”

    I can forgive all the stale moodiness as long as the original album will offer something totally different. 3 years… it can’t suck… it can’t suck.. it can’t suck… can it? >_<

  4. Ranbi – I agree that the regular version has a potential to decent art cover if the color, the contrast, and the light are adjusted a bit to make it more artistic. It need to be cropped better too. That hand, which came in from the left side seems strange. Like Danny, I like the big glasses but right now, the overall look is like a tourist picture.

  5. Compositionn of photo appears balanced to me. she’s probably laying on the recording studio floor.HAHAH!

    these days i’m happy to see her face on the cover! at least she’s not fugly in this one. she shd hire me to design her album covers. Akina, LOOK HERE!!!

  6. I think the normal version is quite elegant and beautiful,I will definitely buy it….because the cover of the limited version is so weird,I had a nightmare on it!!

  7. I like the idea. complete vol. 2. guitar=folk, and the teeth picture= Akina…I will definitely buy 2 versions, yes Danny, Akina should ask you to do her cover at least 1 regular version.. ^_^

  8. Did Akina change the contents of the DVD? The original track list seems to be replaced with special material now. See this link on HMV:


    1 歌姫2レコーディング映像(特別編)
    2 歌姫3レコーディング映像
    3 「Days」 メイキング映像
    4 TV-SPOT集

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