Folk Akina Complete Vol. 2 Track List and New Album Title

Folk Akina 2

The title of Akina’s new album has been revealed to be … wait for this … 「Diva」. I wonder how she came to this, and hopefully, it is a reflection of the style of the album and the cover art. Hope it is going to be fierce!!

As for the track list of Folk Akina Complete Vol. 2, here they are as follows:

01.旅の宿 (吉田拓郎)
02.なごり雪 (イルカ)
03.心もよう (井上陽水)
04.ベルベット・イースター (荒井由実)
05.精霊流し (グレープ)
06.悪女 (中島みゆき)
07.神田川 (かぐや姫)
08.学生街の喫茶店 (ガロ)
09.シクラメンのかほり (布施明)
10.I LOVE YOU (オフコース?)

I am really excited that she is covering なごり雪, ベルベット・イースター (a Yuming song) and 悪女 (Miyuki finally!!!!!!). Akina Fun Site seems to think that the last track is an Off Course song, but I am wondering if it is a 尾崎豊 cover, which has been covered to death, but could be a talking point for the album.

The songs are more famous this time. At first glance, the only two songs I had never heard of are the first and third track. The rest are rather pleasant pieces with tracks 8 and 9 being covered so frequently as well, but I am not too interested. I hope that the arrangement is more “spectacular” than the simple guitar accompaniment in Collection 1, as much I did enjoy the album.

What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Folk Akina Complete Vol. 2 Track List and New Album Title

  1. OMG!!!! See, i knew she was going to be doing a friggin’ DISCO/DANCE ALBUM!!! that’s just a natural progression. what else hasn’t she done? this could be a really good comeback album for her, and better accepted by mainstream/younger crowds! i hope it’s going to be fierce like Enka, only in a DISCO DIVA sense!!!!!!

    and wow, check out the songs on FOLK 2! Jamez, i’m uber excited about なごり雪 and 悪女 is a super wet dream!!!!!!!

    suddenly, i’m excited again!!!

    and please let this be more than a guitary album. judging from the Ltd Edition cover, if we could be so lucky…

    but as long as DIVA is going to gimme a dance/disco fever, i dunch care!!

  2. i just wanted to add, i think Akina is stalking our blog and drawing inspiration from us. that’s why we’re spot on with the album guesses. we anticipated Enka too, didn’t we?

    and oh oh! apparently the Limited Edition comes with an extra disc of….. REMIXES!!!! finally!

    see, she musta been loving our remixes too!!

    but please please please let them be decent and not SUPERBEST type of lame remixes.

  3. I am so happy that Akina will be coveirng 悪女!! I was thinking わかれうた was also a good choice from Miyuki too. I do find quite a few songs that I like – 07.神田川 (かぐや姫) and 09.シクラメンのかほり. I am looking forward how DIVA is gonna to be !! so much to await for~

  4. just glad to see most of the songs on this album are ones ive listened to before~ hahaha~ the retro glasses are cool too!

  5. I only know Yosui’s song out of these, which I love, and others sound fine too. I would’ve been much more excited if she had chosen YES YES YES by Off Course instead, which is my favorite by them, but I suppose it doesn’t sound quite as Akina-ish as I LOVE YOU… and she’d also be off to another nodule removal appointment with the doctor after trying to strain her way to those notes haha.

    This pic makes me want her to do an airplane themed photo shoot with those classic goggles for the original album… and it would be called “Kita Wing ~Part III~” lol. Dunno if it would be clichéd, but at least she could hide her face and concentrate on looking fierce.

    There wasn’t any mention of a special person helping Akina with this release? If not then that sadly does lower my expectations a little.

    Lately I’ve gotten excited about the idea of Akina working with Shinichi Osawa as I think the co-operation would compliment Akina’s recent attempts at R&Bish/modern music, but I suppose Akina isn’t quite that ‘hip’ anymore for him to work with her.

    But work with Yoko Kanno and I’ll wet my pants Akina.

  6. Seems like I don’t really like her covers albums as much as her original album, looking forward for her new album in Aug (?)
    I do miss her acting a lot, hope she will act again soon. Anyone knows ?

  7. She has already covered Seiko previously. The novelty is no longer present.

    I wonder if she has considered covering the songs of her peers because we know she knows the songs and I’ll bet that she sings them at Karaoke too. We see her being the only person singing along when they show nostalgic videos of the 80s. Maybe an idea some day for her, though it seems to be a step backwards (from maturity) if you know what I mean.

    That being said, I would love to hear her interpretation of 80s pop.

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