Folk Songs 2 – poster ver 2?



18 thoughts on “Folk Songs 2 – poster ver 2?

  1. VERY VERY NICE and original. I particularly like the part where she’s holding onto the guitar wearing her “AKINA” tee. so cute! they shd have just run this for the album cover. the circle bits look like the CD face? one for the DVD and one for the CD? Could this be the special packaging for the limited press? =))

  2. just got around to lsitening to a few songs on the album. “I LOVE YOU” is the ozaki yutaka version. it’s very soothing and such a refreshing change akina’s style of singing. “精霊流し” is my favorite at the moment. such great lyrics! yet another dark song which fits akina so well~ But i gotta finish the album first.

  3. This is tons better than the last Folk Songs Collection. she shd have just done one album and this is the one. I’ve already heard the album twice back to back. Selectively listening to my favourite songs now. the arrangement is varied and very befitting. My top choices (for now):

    1. I LOVE YOU (this is like super duper good, and thank you Akina for choosing the Ozaki one, and not Off Course’s!)

    2. 悪女 (she didn’t fail us!)

    3. 精霊流し – very soothing and like you said Onigiri – a departure from her usual singing style. excellent control!!

    4. なごり雪 – so breezy.

    aiyah, all songs very nice!!! can’t decide yet. one thing is for sure – i’m not skipping tracks for this album. the first album i think i skip like 7 songs.

  4. I guess after watching the preview video on Youtube I may have to give this album a try after all despite my disappointment with Vol. 1. It does sound much more varied and ‘alive’.

    I honestly think she should release these recording vids on her web page as official preview material because that’s the sort of media they’re more suited to than a whole DVD. Make an actual documentary for the DVD instead Akina!

    1. Love this new video. Agree with you totally MG. I lked the first collection but do agree that the second half sounds rather similar. She seems to have better vocal control on these few songs featured. She also looks healthy too, considering that she didn’t wear as much makeup here.

  5. I feel that Akina is at peace and finally comfortable with her new voice texture, now that it has settled in nicely. =)

    I am enjoying this album so much. it’s a soul-filler.

  6. I can’t wait to hear if we got tickets for the 28th. I can see her singing “I Love You” at the end and all of us crying together. LOL.

  7. Martin you must have ordered the normal press? I think they’re deliberately holding back on those to push Ltd Edition press.

  8. I’m pleasantly surprised by this album! It does sound she put much more effort into this and her singing resonates a more personal touch.

    I thought that she had lost some of the sweet quality in her voice but Velvet Easter changed my mind. Something within me just melts when she reaches that “tenshi wa…” part.

    And after hearing 学生街の喫茶店 I just felt so bitter that I still won’t be seeing her live. ;(

    Now, DIIIVAAA!

  9. Hi MG,

    Glad you enjoyed this album. It is indeed a very lovely surprise after Mood Kayou. Though I did like the latter album, I found Folk 2 to be superior, in voice and quality.

  10. Hi Wei,

    Thanks for sharing the link. She looks like a rock diva!!! I love the limited edition cover. Hope the album lives up to the cover.

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