DIVA Limited Edition CoverDIVA Normal Press Cover

The album cover for 「DIVA」 has been revealed on the AN Fun Site (as advised by our VAMP reader Wei. Thanks!).

I like the fierce image of Akina in an anime like fashion and it looks like it is going to be a rock album or maybe even a disco one (if Danny gets his way).

I love the fonts this time, and I think the covers look very promising! Looks like Akina’s back in cruise control …


13 thoughts on “DIVA!!

  1. Thanks. But that doesn’t look like her on the cover – is it supposed to be her? It resembles Madonna circa the Ray of Light era.

  2. thanks Jamez. is that even her on the cover? that face belongs to a male blood elf from World of Warcraft.

    if the covers are to be believed, they do point towards an up tempo/disco album.

  3. Mmm… it’s okay, though I can’t see any possible resemblance with Akina in that pic. And why is the pink one lower in contrast or is just a faulty copy of the image?

  4. o wow. she should put her face on the album covers~~ but they do make a nice album scroll on your iphone. ahhaa~

  5. Sorry…. for me, the spirit of the cover is just not “her” (although, unfortunately, that might be designer’s point). I also don’t feel the design itself is well executed. How many exciting designs could be developed around the “Diva” theme and Akina’s personality, music, sense of humor, beauty, history, etc? I’m pretty sure this design wouldn’t be in my top 20 choices. Fortunately, I have very high hopes for what’s inside that package. 🙂 ! I’m really anxious for this one!

  6. I’m very curious about these Posters vs. Album covers. I wonder who made the decision.

    For me, I don’t care for this album cover. There is nothing Akina about it, the eyes, the nose, or the hair. It looks more like some unknow video game cover.


  7. OMG I like a lot these covers!!
    I think they fit with the Diva theme, well deserved by Akina 😀
    Now I can’t wait to see the tracklist!!

  8. OMG, Akina really has a new and different look, and I need some time to digest it. I guess I am a more old style folks….

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