SONGS – first night –



9 thoughts on “SONGS – first night –

  1. it’s not bad~ she sounds better here than the cd… i think the mixers of the album really suck… make her sound too raw and raspy

  2. The segment for I LOVE YOU is exactly what one would have hoped for to be included on the limited edition DVD, but I suppose having something this intense featured on a TV show will garner more attention than a DVD ever would.

    I think she sounded better on Velvet Easter’s studio recording as her voice sounded a bit clearer. I LOVE YOU sounds quite similar to the studio one I think.

  3. She looks great in these two pictures. I’m happy to hear that Akina’s voice has recovered from a few years ago. very very happy……

    I wish I will have a chance to see this as well.

  4. The only good thing of this first segment was I LOVE YOU. it was heartfelt and raw. she sounded almost organic like the CD version. proves she’s a really good singer who feels through her songs.

    HATE HER MAKE UP (pastey). HATE HER HAIR (those dangling feelers have to be chopped off). HATE HER CLOTHES. HATE HER KAMA SUTRA POSITION FOR THE FIRST SONG.

    and i dun understand why she cannot quit looking so angry and fierce whenever she sings. it’s like the whole world owes her money.

    the funniest (most embarrassing bit) was at the end of the 2nd song. during the outro, she’s visibly uncomfortable and clearly didn’t know what to do to fill it, so she squeezed out that “dun mess with me look” and moved her leg and then she SLIPPED!!! did anyone catch that? HAHAHAHAHAH.

    and got caught on camera. *gua gua gua…*

    and then she continued to look “li hai”! LOL!!!

    I’m looking forward to part 2 – she changes into black (bringing contrast to her white get up in this segment). her hair and make up look so much more promising too from the short trailer.

  5. Both are already on Youtube.

    I didn’t really quite understand the meaning of SONGS when I first glanced at it on Akina Fun Site. I thought it would be just some stock footage of old popular artists with Akina thrown in at some point as well, but now after seeing some of it I’m quite excited. How many nights are there to be aired? She’s gonna perform 異邦人 next time as that’s what it sounds like right at the end of Velvet Easter’s clip? Yay!

    Hoping for some dramatic changes on her chartings!

  6. Thanks Danny, I enjoyed the program.. I agree with you, she always t looking so angry and fierce whenever she sings.

  7. This is Part 1 of two parts. NHK will repeat telecast of this program over their digital channels.

    On my part, I think they are wonderful. I haven’t seen her for a long time on TV and it’s like meeting an old friend once again. I agree that she sounds much better than she had for a long long time, and as much as the pasty makeup and clothes do no justice to her, I didn’t think she looked bad at all. At least this no fuss hairstyle is heaps better than the curly one, which I hate.

    She is indeed an incredible singer because I can’t help but get incredibly moved. I can’t wait to see the program in its entirely now.

  8. OMG I wanna see that!!
    I’m also very glad that she appears again on TV
    Now i gotta see the entire show and comment further later.

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