“DIVA” Preview


OMFG!!! just heard a preview clip and Akina’s “DIVA” (a track Akina is greatly pleased with) sounds like a mega cross-breed of Britney, Madonna, & Namie Amuro!

She sounds as different as she looks on the cover, and suddenly the cover makes sense! the album is produced by a “popular overseas creative team” (no names released yet) the recording was apparently extremely difficult for Akina, and we can expect alot of English. i hope she pronounces them correctly and no more “NORS WEARS SOUSEN EAS” but judging from the preview clip, the woman has been practising hard!! Song titles look mega tempting, what with “X Lady”, “With”, “Give Take”… – reminds me of Femme Fatale!!

This is definitely a new sound from Akina, very current, and now I can’t wait for more. 脫胎換骨!!


the album is going to carry a varied range, including R&B, Dance, new experimental “high tempo” remixes, and “emotional track numbers”, Here’s the tracklisting for the limited edition press:

02. DIVA
03. thinking of you
05. 逢えなくて
06. X lady
08. with
09. 茜色の風
10. Going home

01. DIVA -michitomo remix-
02. Heartache -michitomo remix-

the 2 remixes will be done by a Japanese photographer + musician (composer, arranger, producer, remixer) – Michitomo. here’s his website and here are some of his works. if the remix he did for Big Bang’s “Candle” is anything to go by, i’m having it my way – club, disco, dance!! the limited press also includes a remix of a song not available on the normal press “Heartache”. which leaves me thinking – is she going to release “Heartache” as a single? finally, a limited edition worth buying without batting an eyelid!


Akina, if you’re reading this – thank you for stalking our blog, and thank you for giving us what we want! LOVE YA!!!! good luck with the opening show tonight!

question: why are the remixes on a DVD and not CD? is she going to have MV for them? i very scared now…


For those who can’t preview the clip, I’ve made a video. enjoy!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

12 thoughts on ““DIVA” Preview

  1. Eventually, the bonus remixes will be on a CD. Some websites have not updated the info, but it will definitely be a CD.
    The preview sounds much greater than expected. Can’t wait !!

  2. I want to highlight the track HEARTBREAK – is that an ode to the same titled track from Femme Fatale? Hair is similar too. Dance album too. The connections are aplenty. I’d faint if she samples the old HEARTBREAK from FF!!

  3. BTW, a HMV email came back saying that they changed it from a DVD to a bonus CD. Didn’t yours say so?

    It is way Femme Fatale …

  4. Jamez – we’ll dash into a CD store first thing we reach Tokyo!!! and we have to solve the problem of getting decent speakers (as opposed to laptop speakers) for our listening party!!

  5. Oh okay, thanks for the update. I got the info from the website, so they should update it instead of cutting and pasting from her earlier stupid limited edition releases. i am soooo thankful there’s no DVD of her recording in the studio this time. this is the correct way of doing LEs!

  6. That’s right!! I can’t wait to attend my first listening party. This new sound is so unexpected. We’ve got to plan everything right!

  7. Hmm… the track does leave me a bit hesitant. Although I appreciate her effort to keep up with the times and not end up as some rocking chair granny singing everything old and weary, this track sounds a bit over commercialised to my ears. And I find it a bit hilarious how the popular repetitiveness has reached Akina as well “DIVA DIVA DIVA…”.

    But I suppose it might grow on me or at least sound interesting live, if it ever appears on a DVD that is of course. Hoping it will be a really varied release.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this fares on the charts because it does sound so contemporary and like something the popular J-pop stars could be singing.

  8. MG, commercialised or not, it’s a new sound for her, and that floats my boat.

    i am psyched cos as a longtime fan, i’ve always wanted Akina to dabble with a more current/updated sound – that is surely what an evergreen idol should strive to be. she’s done waaaaay too many covers – waaaay too many “expected” sounds (most of the time when you preview a new release, it may sound pleasant, sometimes pushing boundaries a lil, but it always falls within an Akina-scope of parameters. this time, i was greeted with something very new. it may be a sound we hear out there that other singers do, but not from Akina.

    and it’s not just the sound per se. i feel that her singing technique, diction all took a radical departure from her usual self in this short clip. that in itself is cause for celebration.

    i can’t wait to discover what other surprises she has in store for us.

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