Folk Night – What a Scam!!!

dear fans, i am writing with utter exasperation, disappointment, but mostly anger, that hardcore fans have been robbed of their trust, goodwill and support tonight.

tonight’s show was marketed as “Folk Night” and positioned as an additional special show for the “Empress Live” concert, after the concert was sold out. to get tickets to tonight’s show, you need to get the Folk 2 Limited Edition CD. it was supposed to have a slightly different song set, or additional songs. but lo and behold – it was the EXACT SAME FUCKING SHOW.

when the sequence of the songs was the same, we felt something was strange (even tho I had earlier jokingly offered the possibility of Akina removing “Woman” and “I Hope So” to make it a “Folk Night” it was meant to be, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and didn’t know my nightmare would materialise). then when she did her final set combo of “I Love You”, “Koi”, and “I Hope So”, I thought maybe she’ll do an encore set (which she didn’t on all other shows)…

and then the house lights came on, and the post-show announcement came on the system. i was left dumbfounded, ajar mouth included… my head shaking in disbelief.

this feeling of getting shortchanged is by now no longer a stranger – what with half-hearted limited edition releases containing half-fucked lame studio recording footages as bonus DVD material, more best compilations than you can count with 2 hands, 5 different coloured versions of the same album cover, Destination concert tour pamphlet marketed as ”世界最強“ which turned out to be sucha mega flop, I can go on with more examples… and don’t even get me started with rehashed, recycled costumes! but tonight, tonight takes the cake outta everything else. it’s the ultimate cream pie smashed flat on her very own fans’ faces.

granted, Akina may not be involved in the marketing of the concert and could in an extreme case of being the ill-informed, uninvolved, devil-may-care-i-just-wanna-sing-my-songs-dun-bother-me-with-anything-else (which explains fuglier than fug album cover art of late) singer, not aware her company had so unethically marketed an additional “Folk Night” show to lure naive fans into spending more of their hard-earned money, waste their time/effort, and the worst of all crimes – squander their support and good faith. But that is no excuse. can she wake up her idea?

i’ve had an O.D of Akina, having watched 3 shows of her gluing her butt to her stool. actually, I had contemplated on not going for the 3rd show to listen to “DIVA” in the hotel instead. that was how maxed out I was with her angst-ridden, tortured, pained face she dishes out at will every night. i pay to get entertained, damnit. but now, i like her a lil less each time i see her perform live.

i’m not sure if i’ll be doing her career further harm by airing my disgust here. but i know many fans who are victims of tonight’s wicked manipulative marketing ploy will be so ever-forgiving, and crawl back into their own worlds in denial, and sleep it off. but i won’t take this laying down. unethical, irresponsible corporate behaviour needs to be exposed and addressed.

you can only cry wolf so many times before eventually, no one will come to your rescue, even at your most genuine, neediest time. i for one, will take everything with a pinch of salt henceforth. “Folk Night”? my arse.

please, don’t abuse your fans like this (whatever number of fans you have left anyway). we deserve better. be the Legend of Diva for the right reasons.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

18 thoughts on “Folk Night – What a Scam!!!

  1. Danny – I’m so sorry to hear about the situation. I must feel like a close friend stabbing your back. I do hope so that, as true friends, we will be able to forgive and forget and enjoy the good time again in the future.

    Although my situation is by no mean comparable to you, I do feel cheated or robbed by Akina’s related marketing plan. I’m someone, who bought all her albums and singles since the 80s-90s when Yen was crazily high compared to Baht and spent tons of my parents’ money on these stuffs. I had two set of CD singles (3” and 5”) and all album up to Empress Box or Dear Friends box (I just cannot remember anymore) plus and EP and LP. Now, with my current situation, I have to think twice before buying anything.

    I always thank VAMP for keeping me as her fan. You guys did a great job to promote Akina to non-japanese speaking fan. I do hope you will continue. We are relied on you -not to put pressure or anything 

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip in Japan. Forget about our ‘Dear Friends’ lady for a few days and, hopefully, you will forgive her by the time on your flight back.


    PS. I wonder if it’s possible that the marketing for Folk Night means a special night for people who bought the CD be able to get the concert tickets to the same show since the regular nights were sold out. Well, I’m only guessing and even if it’s, it should not have a different name to confuse audience.

  2. Whew!! That was truly brutal, but completely understandable. I’m willing to bet that within two days you’ll again have nothing but stars in your eyes for Akina again 🙂

    Here’s something to add a little perspective: I’m sure most people visiting your blog have never even been in the same country (or even hemisphere) with Akina, much less experienced the unimaginably good fortune to actually hear her voice live. Honestly, I’m probably desperate enough to pay the same money you did, just to watch that woman step off a bus (even with the recycled costume!) A lot of us live vicariously through your good fortune.

    In any case, the lousy concert management obviously deserves every bit of your rage. Good post.

    1. Bravo! Cannot agree more. Take a detox vacation and you will remember the love we have for Akina has been there over twenty years…..through all the highs and lows in our lives. She is one constant thing that always brings you comfort. Thanks for all the good work you have done and please do continue… we need to have this place we call home.

  3. aiya~ well I hope someone on her crew reads this and tells her. her attitude even on tv is very obvious on how unenthusiastic she is towards her careeer…

    1. No one with an unthusiastic attitude would go to a recording studio and release three albums in three months. We should appreciate Akina’s effort and be grateful that she continues to share her artistic creations with her fans…considering most of her peers had faded into sunset a long time ago. I personally cannot imagine the day when she announces her retirement. OMG, what the world would be without her new music in it.

      1. Yes I am very happy with all her releases. But I can’t help but feel she is just doing it for the money. The whole image she portrays is very lack-lustre, half assed if you will. She can do much better but even in her interview she said “I don’t like to do concerts because it’s not fun for me, the whole experience is just trying to please the fans and that gives me stress” just to show the jist of what she was trying to say. It’s very sad to see such a great artist be so half-hearted about what she wants to do. I just began listening to her music last-year and still love it till now. It’s just that hearing all these negative things about her and seeing how she is in person really makes me feel that she doesn’t care… I’m one crazy fan and I really do love her music, But just like how Daniel was saying… You can only cry wolf so many times until we stop caring…

  4. so sad…not because of the show but the way how some write their comments with vulgarity.
    so uncivilised though……

    as an Akina’s fan for so many years, i would not vent my disappointment/anger in such manner…sigh

    1. I don’t feel that there is anything so vulgar about what has been said. Expecially being die hard fans, we should be able to say whats on our mind. Eventhough we buy everything she tastelessly throws out ever so often, doesn’t mean that I’ll blindllessly say everything is good. She’s a celebrity for a reason and she should be more professional. At the end of the day, It’s simple and straight… We pay for quality entertainment, she should deliver.

  5. Yes, bro. I can understand your frustration. I can definitely feel your passion, as well. But I will take a half-assed Akina than no Akina at all. I have her complete work in my ipods and she is all i listen to. Speaking of a crazy fan. LOL! Truth of the matter is, she is getting older and perhaps no longer wishes to take on the stress of performing live…as we all know the change in her vocal ability…..It works for me as long as she continues to work in the studio and brings us fan good music. Her music will live on long after she decides one day that she no longer wishes to perform on stage. So cherish these rare opportunities that you can see her in concerts. If I would take a guess, it would be even more scarce in the future.

  6. thanks for sharing my pain. I am not alone in feeling this way (please refer to the other Vampires who’ve attended the same concert on the final night) although I am definitely the most vocal. My exasperation isn’t based on an isolated, nor two nor three incidences. it’s an accumulation of frustration brought about to a boiling point by one last straw. pardon my French, but i believe i have every right to vent my thoughts anyway i deem fit after being subjected to unethical milking of my hard-earned money which no vulgarity can even match.

    the fact that she’s disinterested, appearances are rare, and the dangling possibility that she may retire anytime does not, and i stress does not, excuse anyone for making false promises.

    Ic, you’ve clearly demonstrated my earlier point on how forgiving a fan is willing to be. i am not lashing out at anyone at the first teeny weeny experience. my doing so in this context doesn’t make me any less of a fan. if anything, i’d rather be a fan who has critical thinking ability, and the balls to voice up when required.

  7. I can understand your disappointment. ‘Folk’ is a completely separate musical genre and if a show has been purposely marketed as such then that’s what you would expect to hear, whether that be ‘folk style’ in an acoustic sense, ‘folk type’ musical arrangements and perhaps even ‘folk type’ costumes. To repeat shows that are in no way different to the others is definitely something that shouldn’t have been done. It’s good that you don’t mince your words too, profanities express your feelings far better than tip-toeing around and venting your disappointment in a mild manner. It’s very clear that you feel ripped off, there should have been a discernable difference in this show – if they are going to bill or market a gig as a Folk evening it should have, at the very least, delivered an interpretation of her songs to that genre. Repeating a show is just not on 😦

  8. I agreed with HH that I love your honest opinion and raw feeling about it. That made this site differ from marketing website. This is a fan site. Certainly, reasonable level is subjective to each individual.
    I think what you express about dislike might even help increase the credibility of your other expression with love or craziness.
    I, for one, will vote for continue this site REAL.

  9. I am one of the VAMPires who have left feeling shocked and disgusted by the marketing ploy and I work in Marketing. The tickets are not cheap and travelling to Yokohama for the third night in a row was a rather tiring exercise for me, because this meant a night’s loss of other opportunities. I had other things that I would rather do if I knew that it was going to be a repeat. Not only was it money not well spent, but more importantly an hour and a half of my life that I will never get back.

    I was watching two Japanese girls in front of me swaying along to “I Hope So” at the end, and as much as I tried to feel their mood, and lift my own, I didn’t dare. I guess I was just too exhausted that night to feel anything anymore. Disappointment, yes, anger definitely, but I know that we are all very tame when it comes to voicing it, and I must say that Danny is not only entitled to use these words here, he has definitely pared it down a lot after considering the audience who reads our blog.

    This anger comes from our love of Akina and a belief that she has integrity. Now, we may forgive her eventually for doing this, but we are definitely once bitten, twice shy. Complaints and criticisms are an opportunity to improve oneself because we still care enough to do so. It is when we reach the point that we are numb, do we just choose to walk away and then they will never ever know why.

    Akina’s record company needs to know that we are “deep root” fans and we demand respect. Not special respect, just the ordinary kind where we expect to get what we were promised.

  10. >> and the dangling possibility that she may retire anytime

    “Retirements” are another common marketing ploy for Japanese singers. And “comebacks.”

  11. I am also one of the VAMPires that attended the series of concerts@Yokohama.
    To get the tickets for this last min added show on the 28th meant a lot of hassle for us. Thanks to our japanese counterparts that we managed to get the tickets, bearing in mind the promise of a different set (refer these words from the official website : 8月28日(金)に行われる追加公演は、フォーク・ソングに焦点を当てたスペシャルなセットリスト。) – A SPECIAL SET LIST!? It turned out to be the exact same song-list (and even the stage setting) as the previous nights. The amount of disappointment and helplessness cannot be contained by any of the VAMPires who attended the show. For me, I would choose to believe that the record company/production house would be responsible for such marketing text. It is quite heartbreaking as I was definitely looking forward to at least 1 other song from the series of FOLK SONGS albums…
    Like Jamez and Daniel has said, I do hope that we fans( who spent time, money and effort) to support her to be respected of our support and not to be abused of our trust and faith in her music career.

  12. I can imagine just how you feel about this whole thing.
    It’s because you cared so much that lead to this huge disappointment, anger, and feeling of betrayal combined.
    This is something that should not have happened.
    THIS REALLY SUX!! (of what happened)

  13. Hi Danny,

    Always love and appreciate your raw and honest comments. I flew all the way for my first Akina’s concert by myself. I watched the 2nd night (first part). Akina’s performance was wonderful yet she was very sultry. I managed to watched the 3rd night and her mood improved, though still a little distant. I can relate to your frustration and disapppiontment as I and my other friend thought the “Folk Special” was something totally apart from the first few shows. My friend extended his stay just to watch that. I hadn’t got a chance to speak to him but I can imagine his disappoinitment. That’s unethical marketing on behalf of the organizer. No excuse.

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