DIVA Single


Universal Japan is definitely utilising the Akina e-newsletter well. Not only did it preview the DIVA “chorus” clip that we first shared, but the latest reports Akina’s Yokohoma Empress concert with three photos. (Someone else can translate the content)


The main feature this time though is the official announcement of the single and the release of the cover. It is still an illustration (consistency with album art) but I like this much better. There are three songs in the CD single, making it her second since 「Days」 to contain three songs.

Diva Single

Now that she has turned a new chapter in her career with 「DIVA」, let’s pray that the video will live up to the new sound. Dare I hope? I don’t even know what to think. I am only praying that she places it all in the confidence of a foreigner, like she did for the album.


11 thoughts on “DIVA Single

  1. Thanks for the news. I agree that the single cover looks a lot better. It does look very international. It does give me a bit feeling of those ambient remix album cover. I would prefer something with Akina’s reference. The font in this cover is much much better also.

  2. Nicer typography (altho if I squint hard enuff, I think her name is still printed in the same scribbly font)! I like that it’s conceptually in line with the album cover. This image is more elegant and gels well with the title. And how did the fans guess “I Hope So” was going to be the 3rd track? Universal must be stalking the blogs for sure.

    Can’t wait to hear the 2 new versions. Very smart tracklisting. I just hope Sigma do proper marketing for her this time with such strong material. If there’s going to be a PV, I’m rather scared!! Hahaha.

  3. Good news : they will include in this single “I hope so” in live ’09 version. Not the album version.

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