DIVA Oricon Ranking

It appears that 「DIVA」 has taken the 29th spot with 5120 copies sold in its first week. Though not strong, the numbers are encouraging considering that 「ムード歌謡~歌姫昭和名曲集~」’s first week sales were 4771 copies (30th position) and 「フォーク・ソング2~歌姫哀翔歌」’s were 3630 copies (33rd position). They have both chalked up 6415 and 6615 copies respectively.

It marks the first time Akina’s original release is likely to sell more than her cover series, which is good news for us fans.


7 thoughts on “DIVA Oricon Ranking

  1. I was hoping she’d do a minyo cover album before jumping back into originals. And then an anime and live action “ranger show” theme song cover album.

    1. I think many of us are happy that Akina has an original material. However, many of us do like her cover works as well. Your point regarding original work and non-mellow songs have been well taken and agreed. I do hope that we will keep our comment in positive criticism direction.

      1. What are you talking about Patrick?

        For your reference, here’s the (karaoke) for the theme to Go Ranger (a ranger show):

        And here’s some Min’yo:

        So are you starting to get the picture? It was a joke. I said I wished Akina would do cover albums in completely preposterous genres. But I didn’t mean it. See how that works? It’s a form of humor.

      2. Kuri – I apologize if I misundertood. I did get that it was a joke but I thought it was a llittle put down on Akina as well.

        Thanks for those link. Actually, now, you made me interest in Min’yo. I like that song. I found I became like more and more basic songs with a very native sound. I think it will be very interesting to hear Akina’s interpretation of this song.

        For Ranger, no please. Akina, please don’t. 🙂

      3. Kuri – you have created a monster in me. I cannot stop listening to kuikui chijuya. I think it’s a great song! 🙂 It reminds me of Shima Uta, which is one of my all time favorite songs. Thanks for introducing me to kuikui chijuya.

  2. I think Akina has done enough cover albums, she deserves to have something which belongs to her. If she ‘s going to continue, maybe she can do an entire album of Momoe Yamagunchi, like Faye Wong did one for her idol Teresa Teng, and do it in a very contemporary way.

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