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DIVA single cut has been released. under the absence of promotion, the single debut outside of Oricon Singles Daily Top 50 on 21st September. but it ranked 46 on 22nd September. i thought the official release date was 23rd? haven’t heard the tracks, but apparently, the single version has a different treatment for the Intro, and the bit where she shouted. other than that, other bits “stayed the same”. “Heartache” apparently assumed “Heartbreak’s” arrangement wholesale (come on, dare we honestly expect anything else?), and “I Hope So” was a remastered version with clearer vocals.


Just received the single. quick notes:

1. “DIVA” single cut basically differs in the Intro (about 1 min 3 seconds of build up, which was excellent, and she shd have continued in that direction using that sound rendering it a different style altogether, but then she did the usual cut and paste type of remix circa “Meu Amore”, “Babylon”, “Appetite” album versions); the Bridge (where she shouted – it’s been given a slight effects treatment); Ending (so minimal, you’ll miss it if you do not pay close attention). The bass has also been pushed upwards. the tracks in this single are bassier than the album recordings.

2. Heartache Original Version – this is largely “Heartbreak” arrangement wise. no “Cher” vocal treatments. so you hear her actual voice as it, in a leisurely mode. there are slightly different effects (cosmic noises, and a male robotic background vocals) throughout the song. I still prefer the Michitomo remix as it’s alot more frantic, which i think the song was more suited to be.

3. I Hope So – now, we know this has been marketed as “remastered”. but i personally think she resang the song. vocals are alot better, more solid, more control, alot less strained and you won’t visualise a pained look hanging on her when recording the song.

I quite approve of the layout and choice of colours of the lyrics leaflet inside (quite “Crimson” as there were dashes of pink).

Now, for the dismal news:

Weekly Oricon Chart – 50. Sales – 1220 copies.

Now go cry.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

16 thoughts on “DIVA Single

  1. No PV :(? Should I sigh from disappointment or relief? Well, I thought this was funnily appropriate for a Heartache “PV”:

  2. Apparently, it has risen back up to 31 on daily charts??!? Don’t know if it is real, but this would be good news. She needs to promote it.

  3. OMG, Akina will be on Kouhaku once more!? Would she dare to perform Diva or will it be another 80’s song (Shoujo A, TATTOO?)???

  4. MG – My guess is that if Akina will be on Kouhaku again, it will be either her cover work from recent ablum. It seems like that how Kouhaku has been doinng recent years with 80s-90s artist.

  5. So… heard any recent news about sales, chart position, possible PV? How is DIVA being regarded in reviews and commentary that you’ve seen? My Japanese skills are very limited but I’ve tried to untangle Oricon’s listings without much joy. Any word about Akina performing a live song from this work in any venue? Perhaps she could whistle one of them?

    It’s amazing that an artist wouldn’t want to perform at least one live tune from a new project. I’m sure some TV shows would have her on for at least the novelty of seeing her sing in such a modern style.

    I’m guessing she’d be too uncomfortable doing it with tons embarrassing live Autotune processing 😉 Let’s face it, she’s not T-Pain. 😉 Younger performers are more comfortable with the fact that they need a MIDI controller and software to sing on-key.

    Then again…. she might be cooking up something more interesting.

  6. Hello,
    We know that You are AKINA AKAMORI Japan’s number one fan.
    IF you can have the chance, help us to tell Miss Akina Nakamori.
    The fans in Taiwan are very happy to see the new album. Taiwan fans also very hard to all major radio stations in Taiwan, song and hope that more people understand that great album.

    If time allows, please tell Akina Nakamori. We are sincerely hope that Akina Nakamori can come to Taiwan to have concerts. also attached a radio song in Taiwan and the related website message.


    Please let Akina Nakamori know that her efforts, fans are quite support.

    Thank you for your help.

  7. Hello Harumi,

    Thank you for sharing your blog. I am listening to your(?) radio telecast with much glee. It is really great that you are helping promote Akina’s albums through your means and I do wish that it will help to “awaken” and relight the fires of love within many lost Akina fan’s hearts.

    As for being Akina’s No. 1 fans, I believe we can all lay a claim on this because there is so much room around the world for No. 1s and I believe I speak for all VAMPires when I say we prefer to share than dominate.

    I believe and hope that your message and your support will help inspire many fans (and hopefully Akina and her management team) to listen to our platform, and do more for us fans. Thank you.

  8. Rafael,

    Sorry to burst your bubble but that is only Oricon’s extremely bold prediction. It is unfortunately, the only platform that predicts that she will appear. After the fiasco a few years ago when it was widely believed she will appear after the “Suki Uta” survey that Desire charted at No. 11, and she didn’t appear, no one dares make that prediction any more.

  9. In trying to find this single I discovered an interesting, and perhaps disturbing, thing: Akina is no longer in the J-Pop section of many music stores. She’s in the fuddy duddy “New Music” or “Natsumero” sections at a lot of stores (kind of like “Easy Listening” or “Adult Contemporary” in the U.S. Momoe Yamaguchi tends to be there too, along with the quasi-Enka people, but Seiko Matsuda and other contemporaries are still in J-Pop.

    I constantly had to ask store staff where her records were, since they were not in the proper go-juu-on order in the sections I first looked.

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