Ask not what Akina can do for us, ask what we can do for Akina.

It is gratifying to know that some of Akina’s loyal fans have been marketing Akina’s dismal marketing efforts. Starting from Danny’s 「DIVA」 Youtube video promotion which garnered surprisingly high viewership numbers, helping to sell a few extra copies of the album I must add, it seems like our pleas to Universal Japan have inspired her fans to do more.

A week ago or so, we heard from Harumi from Taiwan who has gone onto Taiwanese Radio specially to plug both the 「Folk 2」 and 「DIVA」 albums. I had the pleasure of listening to the streaming of the broadcast and I must say that I was very happy to hear that, even if not many people caught it. For those of you who are interested, here is his site 永遠的歌姫~中森明菜

Today, I chanced upon this video of a young Japanese guy dancing to Akina’s latest single 「DIVA」. He is rather humble in his comments because I wish I could execute the moves as fluidly as he did. What impressed me most besides his dance is his relative young age. It is such a wonderful reminder that Akina is universal in her appeal, and she can still attract a young generation. An Eternal Queen indeed, if only she would come out and plug the single.

In her absence, we will leave you to imagine her dancing to this song, and if she ever wants to hire a dancer, I think Danceboy should seriously be considered.

It is so inspiring to see her fans doing so much for her and I hope UJ and Akina will feel our love and give us what we deserve. A little respect, a lot more honesty and definitely more inspiration. A little extra effort into Marketing would be nice too.

Over to you … UJ, Faithway and Akina!


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