Akina’s Daiichi Press Conference

The first video is of her actual appearance during the press conference.


The second video is the introduction of the Pachinko, which looks really fun!


You get to listen to parts of Crazy Love and bits of the MV, which reminds me of the background for Moonlight Shadow. Akina doesn’t seem to like it very much, even after the announcer used the word “カコイイ”. She also said that she will have an urge to throw stones/rocks at the car if she saw it driving out in the open. Umm …

What I like is her smile and how her voice is so much stronger and louder. She has stopped speaking so softly like she used too, which is good. As for the video, I will reserve my judgment when I can view it in its entirety.


4 thoughts on “Akina’s Daiichi Press Conference

  1. James – is it possible that her comment is to show her modesty with a slight of joke in it? Is there anything else that we should know from the press conference. 🙂 Thanks.

  2. I think Akina has a great sense of self-deprecating humour, which sometimes mask/diffuse her brutal honesty to a certain extent – I personally LOVE IT!!

  3. Yes!!! indeed her voice sure has improved, and also in her songs’ new versions! I think her voice is even more noticeable in this new TANGO NOIR version :p and this slow motion version is very nice t.t can’t wait to go again to Japan, so I can play on Pachinko!!! ;O;

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