Official update – 芸能活動休止

The above is a screenshot from Akina’s official Universal Music Japan website.

The text is translated briefly as follow:

” Thank you for your continued support for Nakamori Akina always.
There is an announcement that we wish to say to all.
Due to health reasons, Ms Nakamori Akina will be stopping all her activities in the entertainment scene for now.
Not mentioning the exact name of the illness, it has to do with the lowering of immunity due to overwork and overtired.
It has been advised that Ms Nakamori Akina has to stop work and rest to recover.
To all fans for their worries and inconvenience caused, please continue to support Ms Nakamori Akina until the day she returns to the entertainment scene soon.”

Now that the above is official, VAMP would like to pray for speedy recovery for Ms Nakamori Akina and hope she will return in time for 30th Anniversary next year! Have a good rest and hope to hear Akina’s comeback news soon!!


5 thoughts on “Official update – 芸能活動休止

  1. It’s so nice to have official word now, although the news is sad. I hope she gets all the rest she needs and makes a full recovery from whatever is wrong. がんばって明菜さん! <3

  2. Isn’t she have no new CD and no TV drama’ appearance for the past whole year, why she is tired and exhausted ? is it possible for other reason ?

  3. Sad to read this.

    I was always under the impression that since the 90s the reason it took her so long to put anything new out was to avoid this kind of thing from happening (I thought stress was one factor for the ’89 incident).

    Hope she recovers soon and comes back stronger than ever! ;(

  4. I have been her fans since the 80s. I miss her very much.
    She is in my prayer. Take more rest, Akina. May God bless you.
    I hope she will recover soon and hold a concert in Hong Kong!

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