A fan in Leslie Cheung

This is an article that was drawn from Issue 1256 of Hong Kong TV Times periodical  [《香港电视》第1256期] on 1991.11.28

张国荣喜欢有时代感,性格倔强的女孩子,他说: 「在圈中,我喜欢MAGGIE(张曼玉),我喜欢她的外形。」 「对她可有性幻想?」 「不会啦,大家太熟络了,早在她选港姐时我已留意她,后来跟她合作『缘份』,哗,看见她骂导演很凶,哈哈。」张国荣口直心快。 「钟楚红也漂亮呀。」提醒他。 他说:「是,不过我觉得她大过我似的,她衬发仔会好看一点。」 然后,说了一大堆名字,包括夏文汐、叶童、李丽珍、柏安妮……,张国荣都说对她们没有幻想。

那麼,谁令他有非非之想? 他坦白的答:「中森明菜,我喜欢倔强的女孩子,我对她有幻想,有一次听闻中森明菜来香港,可惜没有人给我『通水』,要不然我去的士高撞她。」 至於中森明菜的亲密男友近滕真彦,张国荣直言不甚欣赏他。 他无端爆了一则漏网新闻。

他 说当年近滕真彦来香港表演,他们在新秀中碰头,张国荣礼貌的上前跟他说:「你表演得很好。」 谁知近滕真彦板著脸孔跟他说:「点解?」 这记闷棍吃个正著,张国荣好生气,说对方没礼貌,他说:「可能他视我为情敌,那时候近滕真彦与阿梅(梅艳芳)很好的。」 张国荣无意泄露了近滕真彦为阿梅争风呷醋的趣事,真够精彩。 张国荣这次小休复出拍戏,简直可以用「神采飞扬」四字来形容他。

In the article, the flamboyant late HK singer-legend Leslie Cheng described the women that he liked. I guess that was before he declared his homosexuality. He proclaimed that he liked strong and  opinionated women. He started by saying that he liked Maggie Chueng because of of her looks, but denied that he was seduced by her sexually, because of their close friendship off-screen. He said that they are close friends and he had already noticed her during her pageant days.  When they collaborated on the film “Destiny”, he had a good chuckle watching her having a strong argument with the director. He also praised Cherie Chung’s beauty but due to her seniority over him, felt she was more suited to Chow Yuen Fatt. After that, he rolled off a list of names that included Pat Ha, Ye Tong, Loretta Lee, Anna Bridgewater etc.

So, who does Leslie have sexual designs on? He replied honestly, “Akina Nakamori. I like women with strong personalities. I fantasize about her. I once heard that she came to HK, but unfortunately, no one leaked that secret to me, or I would have bumped into her at the discotheque. As for Akina’s close beau, Matchy, Leslie declared that he doesn’t admire him, and revealed an interesting incident.

He said “When Matchy came to HK to perform some years ago, we met at a show, and I congratulated him courteously on his performance, to which he rebuked “What for?”.” Leslie had obviously not forgotten the incident and felt very angry because he thought that Matchy was rude. “Maybe he thought I was his rival in love because he was very close to Anita at that time”, he said.

It’s a little tabloid tidbit but it’s good to know that Akina has a fan in Leslie. I am not so sure that Leslie actually fantasized about her sexually more than actually wanting to dress up in Akina’s dresses. I think they may have been nice girlfriends, but I wonder how Anita would feel about that.


6 thoughts on “A fan in Leslie Cheung

  1. Haha, James, “的士高撞她” in Cantonese means “bump into her at disco”. Apparently, no one knew Akina was in town that year (1986) until the paparazzi recognised her while she was clubbing at a local disco.

  2. LOL. What an error! I will change that.

    Was that the time that she was taking the cover art for 不思議?

  3. Hi James, yes, she was in town to have the photoshoot taken for the cover of 不思議. But I don’t know why – they were all studio shots that could have been taken anywhere. It makes sense now as to why the song titles and lyrics were translated into Chinese.

    Yes, other than 禁区, he also covered ミック・ジャガーに微笑みを. Let me see if I can dig that one out for you.

  4. Thanks for the article and translation. Usually, ‘prefer strong and opinionated women’ is a pretty good clue that this person will come out in a few years. 🙂 I love all three(Akina, Leslie, and Anita) so it was quite surreal, when I heard about the connection between three for the first time. Patrick

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