「Rojo – Tierra -」紅白歌合戦 2014 + Lyrics Translation

Visual highlights from Kouhaku Utagassen 2014 performance of Rojo – Tiera – plus translation of lyrics. Find out what Akina’s 2014 mega comeback single is about.











Ms. Uno Tierra もっとそばに来て この腕に抱かせて
生きているぬくもりを 肌で感じる
『熱い予感 終わりじゃない
私たちは ひとりじゃない』※
それはまるで大地を溶かしてしまいそうな炎 輝くほど
強くおもえる愛しい人たち光放つ 永久の希望を抱いて
Ms. Uno Tierra もっとそばに来て この腕に抱かせて
生きているぬくもりを 肌で感じる
Ms. Uno Tierra 胸に打ち寄せる 涙を泳ぎ切って
雨上がり虹の果て 恵む聖地へ
赤く燃える この心で
どんなことも 受けとめてく
Ms. Uno Tierra どうぞここへきて 悲しみごとあずけて
傷ついた羽根さえも 時のまぼろし
Ms. Uno Tierra 今 目を閉じて 鼓動に身をゆだねて
やがて来る夜の果て 耳を澄ませて

Ms. Uno Tierra come closer let me embrace you with this arm
(I) feel the warmth of life on (my) skin
[(My) burning premonition isn’t over
We aren’t alone] ※
That’s like bright flames, which totally dissolve the earth, shinning
emitting light to (my) loved ones who are in my thoughts Holding eternal hopes
In tandem with the moving earth, we meet each other
I’ll never lose sight even when engulfed by the crowd
Ms. Uno Tierra come closer let me embrace you with this arm
Ms. Uno Tierra dry the tears that surge up (your) chest
to the blessed sacred place at the end of the rainbow
This heart burns in red
(I) can accept any challenge
Ms. Uno Tierra pls come here leave your sadness (with me)
even broken wings are illusions of time
Ms. Uno Tierra close your eyes now Entrust (yourself) to the pulsation (of the earth)
Listening carefully for the end of the night


One thought on “「Rojo – Tierra -」紅白歌合戦 2014 + Lyrics Translation

  1. Thanks for sharing. It is so blessing to see Akina again in a live show! Can’t wait for her new single and albumn

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