This site is dedicated to the evergreen J-pop Queen Akina Nakamori [中森明菜]and is jointly run by a bunch of Akina Fanatics peppered round this beautiful J-pop globe.

Sick and utterly dismayed at the pathetic “Official Site” (note inverted commas; Someone fire her web designer quick!!), add to it the lack of an authoritative English-language source, plus rumours that Akina is dead (some of our pals residing outta Japan actually thought her suicide attempt in the previous century was successful! This is what you get when you** keep everything to yourselves and do not share!!), we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands.

We hope we can gather all the isolated fans around the world outside of Japan (I reckon she sells substantially outside of Japan, so it’s silly to ignore us! We’re sizeable!). New friendships have been forged through this site (what did they say about music being a common language?), a handful of us have met in person and even gone on concert trips together. We’re looking forward to organising the first Akina Fans World Summit in the near future.

You can read a bit more about her highness at Wikipedia.

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    1. Hello guys! I’m from Brazil and I really love Nakamori Akina, she’s incredible! A cousin of mine showed me some songs but from the beginning I didn’t like them. After listening carefully I realised her unique and beautiful voice and her undistingueshed tecniques. God bless Nakamori Akina, she’s the only female singer who can make cry when I listen to her songs. Specially this ones:

      -So Long
      -April Stars


  1. Hi there! I’ve been looking for a site like that for a loooong time! You know, my story with japanese music (actually I am a brazilian guy) has everything to do with Akina. The first japanese song I listened and LOVED was Nanpasen (in her appearance at 38º NHK Kouhaku Utagassen, in a gorgeous black dress). Since then I became a FANatic for all Akina has been doing! Really LOVE her!!! (and do hate Matchy and Seiko).

    Well… hope to become a part of this fan ring!



  2. Hi Daniel (from Brazil),

    I hope you are the same Daniel that I remember years ago…Mr Watanabe?!?!

    If you are, please drop me an email if you remember that you ever send video tapes to Singapore okay?


  3. Hi,

    I’m just glad I found the site. Akina Nakamori is my FAVORITE singer! I’m trying to do an online “comic” and have a character, who is based on my real cat, named after Ms Nakamori. I’m having fun and learning alot though the site is not finished yet. Some may not like it but I think it’s cute. Hope it’s at least enjoyable to some.

    See link below for Akina (the cat):



    THANKS for your GREAT site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, the Faithway site does her no justice.

  4. I´m sorry , I´m Brazilian I live in a small city of Brazil, I always liked of songs of Akina, maybe the song KINKU was the better music her, I don´t know if her is marriage, but I thing so her pretty

    many Kisses to Akina


  5. hi hi
    i am so happy to have found this fabulous Akina’s fan site in English. i am from Singapore & have been a fan of hers for a long time. The information were very well researched & translated. i’m so happy reading them and catching up with her career, finally i am able to know more because its in english. i am very sure that the album cover created by this site will be 10 million times better. even an old photograph from her high school days will be nicer than the current art work. wishing you all a very happy nakamori year ahead. shin nakamori nen ometetogozaimas.

  6. Dear Akina, i going to talking to you how I started to like you, here in my country (Brazil), had a girl who singing all music your, and I loved see she to sing.
    Its happend on so-so on 1985. maybe you don´t will believe, I was fall in love for her until that one day she were contrated by on Toshiba Emi of Japan, and I staied alone and never more I see her.
    What happend?, how she go away, I cried always that listean your music.: Kinku, Desire, Mi amore and all another.
    Akina I´d like to know if you don´t met her, the her´s name is Alika Fukuhara or Alina Fukuhara.
    How said our friend Anthony, we´re happy to have found this Akina´s fan site in English, congratulations
    Now I can see my beautiful princess of music japan pop.
    I love you Akina Your fan Sérgio

  7. Hi!
    I am the big fan of her since I was kid……^^
    I love her and her music!! I am so excited to find your web here…….
    The Remix is really sensational and where can we purchase it??
    Thank you so much for the dedication you did it for our bloved AKINA!!

  8. Big fan of Akina too 🙂
    She is one of the best in the 80s and the 90s
    My favourite album iof all time is her intoxicating beautiful “Fushigi”

  9. Hi ! thanks for this blog. I discovered Akina last year and I wish I could learn more about Akina and share with other fans ! I tried to sign up to the fan group but maybe it doesn’t work ? anyway thanks ! 🙂

  10. thanks very much for making this website! I’m from HK and I’ve adored Akina since I was a very little girl…haha…I’ve known all the songs that are portraited in the Daichi Pachiko Machine since small…so it’s kind of my time machine…and brings back all the memories….i hope one day we fans can gather around to go to akina’s concert…or visit the akina’s pachinko in japan…thanks.

  11. Love the introduction to your website! Thanks so much for putting together such a great Akina site for all her English speaking fans. I was just wondering, is there a way to start a new topic in the comments section or is that reserved for the owners of the site? Thanks for any info. Hope Akina is feeling better now.

  12. Hey Jerdle! Welcome to VAMP! There isn’t a standalone comments section, or Forum on this site. Any comments will have to come under the relevant post. But feel free to post anywhere!

  13. Someone can tell to me if a Akina is get marriage or single, if have children, what is name husbund her, thanks

  14. I’ve been following Akina-san for a while now, and she’s grown to be one of my favorite artists. This site also seems to be the most noted fan-site of hers for good reason; I’ll definitely be checking up on here from time to time. 😀

    Out of curiosity, why is it that the “Sign Up” option doesn’t work for http://akinanakamori.ning.com/ ? I wanted to join it.

  15. Sergio, Akina is still single. I hope she finds someone good for her eventually.

    SakuraFox – welcome to Vamp.=) The Ning network has gone offline after they switched their policies by going commercial. We had to pay a monthly fee to run the network, so I decided to drop it.

    1. Dannybunny – I see, thanks for the response (and welcoming =) ). I got directed there once when someone told me about a “tetris” remix of “DIVA” and got curious.

      Sergio – As Dannybunny said, she’s single — never legally married that I’m aware of — and has no children, either.

    2. Unfortunately not, which was disappointing considering my interest in remixes (I like hearing the sorts of different things someone can do with a given song) and the fact the word “Tetris” was there got my interest piqued even more. =D

  16. I just checked and it’s not on our YouTube channel too. Trying to keep it exclusive. I’ll upload it later tonight. =))

    1. Thanks, I hope it’s no trouble to you. ^_^;

      Also, while I still remember to ask, does anyone know the reason for Akina’s inactivity in 2010?

  17. I can assure everyone here that Akina is doing well. She has left the music world to persue new goals in which she is passionate about.

  18. Hey there Incognito, thanks for the comment. Would you like to elaborate more on what you’ve just said? I am happy to hear that she is well, but the bit about leaving music world needs qualification. Hope to hear more from you. Thanks!

    1. Wait, so is there any stock about her leaving the music industry? Looks like it’s nearly been a couple of weeks since that message popped up and I’m curious.

      Anyway, I came here to ask if anyone knew if her “Star Tanjou!” auditions (ex. “Natsu ni Dakarete” etc.) were ever recorded.

      1. A few days ago, there were rumours reported on Apple Daily that Akina’s daddy mentioned she intends to re-emerge from her hiatus/break/recovery in June for a charity concert. I guess that is good news and means she’s recovered from her recent health scare and bad case of shingles.

  19. OMG, I just discovered this video of that features some footage from her 2000 live! Now I’m so bitter that there’s no DVD for it grrr! I suppose this is just the news agency shooting some footage and not something that could actually be released :(. I liked the fact that the show had some rarer songs on its set list. She sounded pretty good too (I thought this was another dark period in her life?).

  20. Thanks for sharing this video, MG.

    I have never seen this rare footage as well. I can’t seem to even remember this concert ever happening, but the first ballad concert claim certainly rings a bell. Of course, they reuse this claim for the I hope so 2003 tour. 😉

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